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Does that make your mouth hurt?

We had parent-teacher conferences today at the elementary school. For the first time since Hot Rod was in kindergarten, he DID NOT have "controls talking" checked on his report card. *and the heavens opened to a chorus from the angels*

However, Little Bit was another story. The only behavior issue she had checked on her report card; yep, you guessed it: "controls talking."

I have no idea where she gets this talkative nature from. No sirree. Not at all. Of course, there was this exchange last year while driving my mother home from a visit:

AoM and Granny: *talking rapid fire*
Little Bit: *from the backseat* Hey Granny.
Granny: Yes, Little Bit.
Little Bit: Does it hurt your mouth to talk so much?

Nope, not sure where she gets that talkative nature from at all. Nope, and my fourth grade teacher never called me Mighty Mouth. Nope, never happened. Never never never.


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