Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Heads Will Roll

Ok, who's next? Little Bit was totally kickass at the skull tossing game at the Boo Bash.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  • At 10:52 PM, October 29, 2008, Blogger Gadfly said…

    Heh ... I am so glad I'm not her uncle. As soon as she discovers shoes, I would be handing her hanfulls of $20 bills behind your back every time I came over LOL

    She is SO adorable.

    "Remember, you're supposed to learn the value of money!" *shaking finger but her smile makes me crack up*

    Yeah ... probably a good thing I'm not her uncle LOL

    That's amazing that you have three kids, each one so unique and cool. Although ... how could I expect anything "standard" from you ;-)

  • At 8:43 PM, November 02, 2008, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Uncle Gadfly can give her all the money he wants to help us save OUR money. LOL

    and, thank you. They are - all three of them - so completely different. My brooding stinky artist son (who is as tall as me now) who always has a sketchpad and anime book with him. My brilliant sensitive athlete who voluntarily reads books about Teddy Roosevelt and the Statue of Liberty, among other things. And, my gorgeous karate-kicking ballerina artistic daughter. She sits at her craft table creating works of art and books. She writes story books all day long and then writes songs for me, too.

    But, yeah, with me for a mom ... would you expect anything less than an eclectic creative sensitive bunch of people? :)


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