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I Feel Partially Responsible

After Army of Dad lost his job last year, I had to give up one of my regular bad habits: Starbuck's coffee. In those months that followed, we gave up many luxuries including my once or twice weekly visits to the coffee shop.

So, now I feel a little responsible (ok, really just a miniscule bit of guilt) that Starbuck's is closing 300 stores and cutting jobs. Although, I'm guessing there are many people like me who had to give up that little luxury when their pocketbooks were thinned out.

I had planned on trying to make a light post about the bad news, but I'm just blue this morning. I got a wake-up call at 5:45 from a teacher wanting me to sub for her today. I just can't because of deadlines I have to meet. But, the teacher's voice was shaky as she told me that she has suffered from anxiety since her husband died last year and has never had this many absences before. But, once she takes her anti-anxiety meds, she can't work. It just made me so incredibly sad for her. I can't imagine what it would be like to have to get up and go through life without Army of Dad. I asked her if I could have a lay minister call her. I have a friend I made through the Stephen ministry who may be able to help her out. They're not counselors or ministers, but people who go through a special training to just be there as a friend to listen without judging. I've found it a big comfort to have this lady and the teacher said she'd like that. But, this is going to weigh on my heart all day. God love her. What life must be like for her without her life's partner. Made me terribly sad to send Army of Dad out in the freezing fog this morning to drive to work.


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