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All I Want For Christmas ....

is to avoid hearing Justin Bieber sing any other holiday song other than All I Want For Christmas with Mariah Carey. I'm really embarrassed, but I love that song and their version is really good. The video? Not so much. But, I do love the song.

So, Christmas is here and I've been a bad blogger. With Facebook, Twitter, work, etc etc I've neglected the blog. Let's get the latest:

Still Married to Army of Dad.
Still love sports.
Pickle is now a senior in high school and is planning to attend a local JuCo and maybe hit UNT after that.
Hot Rod is in the 8th grade and is the tallest kid in the family. He's been playing football and baseball, but had his season cut short because of a nasty chop block that left him in a big brace for two months. He's recovering well though.
Stinkerbelle is now 10 and in the fourth grade. We changed schools this year, which was hard, but she's transitioning very well. She's in the school choir and the gifted/talented program. She's started competitive gymnastics and is now a Level 3. She really enjoys it. We missed our first Nutcracker performance in five years, but the gymnastics made it too hard to get to rehearsals.

So, back to what I want for Christmas ....
* a new set of speakers for my computer. Wow, mine sound bad, but they are about 10 years old
* a new pocketknife. No clue what I did with mine. I'm sure I'll find it as soon as I get a new one.
* new perfume. Love my Katy Perry Purr ... but the bottle is designed so awkward, it tips and falls very easily and the nozzle is messed up (and almost empty, to boot)
* and the most luxurious thing I could ask for is a massage. Massage Envy (which is now almost as prevalent as Starbucks for being everywhere) is pretty inexpensive, close by, and they have a deal right now through Christmas Eve (good for those last-minute shoppers like AoD **hint, hint**).

The Massage Envy deal - buy three gift cards valued at $75 each and get a free one-hour massage session. I think they have to be bought at one of the 28 DFW locations, but they can be redeemed nationwide. So, you can get one for your mom, your sister, your husband, and then get a free massage for you!!! This may be the best solution for last-minute shoppers looking for the person who has everything!

And, here ya go: or on Facebook

You can thank me later ... or get me some new perfume ... or one of your Massage Envy gift cards ... I'm pretty easy to please.


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