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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.



I'm always disappointed when President Bush falls a little short of what I think he should be doing. I think he tries to pander to the liberals a little too much. What is worse is that his efforts are still criticized by the Dems. He can't please them, regardless of what he does. He can't please them. Now, he has cowered and criticized the Swift Boat Vets for Truth ad and the Dems are still pissing and moaning.

But, I'm also disappointed in the Kerry campaign. It comes as no surprise, but it is frustrating. Kerry didn't like the ad critical of him, yet he won't say a word about the same 527s that benefit him.

From the story:
While Kerry and Democrats have demanded that Bush condemn the attack on his war record, the president has been targeted by an estimated $60 million in commercials by outside groups since the campaign began.

Kerry has declined to call for an end to those ads, which helped him at a time when he did not have the funds to compete with Bush' campaign advertising budget.

Again, Kerry is talking out of two sides of his mouth.


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