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Going ADD again

I've got a multitude of random thoughts right now ... thought I'd share them.

I need to mention this in passing ... regarding the apparently fake documents about Bush's national guard service. Sean Hannity had the children of Barnes and the dead guy (can't remember his name, Killian?) on his radio show and they both threw their dads under the truck, as WBAP talking head Mark Davis would say, about their changes in their stories. Smash has something about it.

Speaking of passing ... trying to keep up with my two fantasy football teams as well as Army of Dad's ... hard to remember who I have in what league. I have McNabb in one and Trent Green in the other. I have LT, too. Army of Dad and I got to watch him play at TCU a few years back. Incredible to see in action. TCU spanked the shit out of SMU last night. Wow. Baylor won, too, but they were playing Texas State (formerly SW Tx St.)

Had to wash Stinkerbelle this afternoon. She and Zoom Zoom went out back to play for about an hour. I usually reward them with those cheap little freezer pops for actually tearing themselves away from electronic joy to breathe in the fresh air and expose themselves to level red pollution alerts. Anyway. I go out to give her the freezer pop and she has fresh leaves all over her shoulders, in her pretty little curls and all over her hands. She was gross. So, I let her get sticky, too. Forget tarring and feathering. For her, it is popsicling and leaving. Came in and gave her a bath and it was gross. Little bits of leaves all in the tub. I had to get out a comb to get everything out of her scalp and I'm still not sure I got it all. Eww is about all I can say.

Ok, leaving in less than two hours for the sports bar and I'm stoked. Been a good day so far. Kolaches for breakfast and other morning delights. *wink* Twice. Before noon. I don't think the day could get much better. The children will have to play outside more often.


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