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Michael Moore Hates America

I got to see it tonight and it was great. It is really late and I'm working on meeting a deadline of tomorrow for a couple of profiles for a women's business magazine. So, I'm going to finish writing them and then I'll blog to my heart's content in the morning.

But, I got a chance - very briefly - to chat with filmmaker Michael Wilson and talk a bit about my blog and how I've been anticipating this event. He was very down to earth and I think he is going to be something big someday. He took a picture with me and then signed a promotional flyer for me. Try to disregard the blue line down the right side of it. Something scratched the lens on my scanner (or something like that. It is a good thing I sleep with my IT guy or I'd be screwed in another way!) But, it is pretty cool other than the blue line shown here.


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