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More waffles than a Waffle House

Waffle House = white trash in Texas. I hate to admit it, but it is the truth. If you're looking for toothless folks, you'll find them here at 3 a.m. along with the drunk college students who just don't want to go home.

But, I digress.

I was going to talk about John Kerry. I'm signed up as a "team leader" for the Bush campaign and subsequently get all kinds of email updates about the election as well as requests for money (its just like church, I tell you.) But, this one is pretty good. They pulled an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal's Review and Outlook. You have to have a WSJ subscription to get all of it, but here we go. This is where the waffles title came from.

Even the liberal media that favors Kerry is calling bull shit and asking him to make a stand on something.


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