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Feels like a Monday

This morning was hard to get up and get everyone going and felt like a Monday. The Vikes lost last night. It was a good game, but a rough loss. Donovan McNabb screwed my fantasy football team Sunday, so AoD beat me in our yahoo league. I was in first place, but this loss knocked me down to a three-way tie with me in the third spot. Great. Thanks honey.

I'm going to get Halo 2 today for the boys - all THREE of them. I reserved one at Best Buy, but Target had an ad that they would give out a free strategy guide if you bought it there, so as soon as I drop off Little Bit, I'll run by there and see if I can get one. The kid there last night said that they were getting a giant shipment late last night and if I got there early, I may be able to get one. So, we'll see. If not, we still have our copy reserved at Best Buy.

I'm going to be a Halo widow now and my children may never leave the TV.

I'm getting my hair cut today with my birthday money from AoD. Thank God. It needs it.


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