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Dreams and casts

I had weird dreams last night about going up elevators in high-rise buildings and walking across busy intersections - all of this with my kids. Can you tell the things that I'm scared of? I hate tall buildings and I'm paranoid about walking across the street with my kids. I think I'm thinking about the job I may be taking and I'm worried about the impact on the kids being in daycare and away from me. I know they'll be fine, but I worry.

Going to get my walking cast this morning. A couple of super blood-stained bandages worked their way up to my toes of my splint and grossed me out. I hope I can clean my foot pretty good before we put the cast on. I hate taking a bath like this, too.

Oh well. At least my foot will stop hurting every day when all is said and done. Plus, I can start driving today, too. Woo hoo! Even my kids have been asking to go run errands because they're tired of being cooped up in the house. Army of Dad returns late Wednesday night. The baby told me "Daddy leave" yesterday. So, she knew he was gone. Bless her little heart.


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