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Ribbit, ribbit

I feel like such a toad right now. I could actually crawl into a space smaller than a basketball because I feel like such a creep.

Tuesday, I had a very important tour - two, actually - that I was needed for at work. Army of Dad graciously offered to work only a half day and come home to sit with the sick baby so I could go to work. To make it even more difficult, he had to pick up the boys, get everyone fed and ready and gather all the necessary stuff for a soccer game last night. I even made it a little harder for him because I put the boys' uniforms on a bookshelf (so they wouldn't get lost in the laundry, etc.) but I forgot to tell him where I put them. Then, he had to collect all the stuff and the three children and get to the soccer field to coach a game by himself.

Well, he was late getting off work yesterday and had an empty tank of gas. So, I was late leaving to get to work and I had to stop and fill up. I was venting (so I thought) to my friend about this. Instead, I sent this very ugly email to my husband. So, I took what was a thoughtful gesture on his part and slapped him in the face with it. I feel so absolutely awful that I don't think anything can make up for the nasty way I've treated him. I wouldn't blame him for the names he likely called me this morning when he read that email. It was inexcusable for me to say those things - even venting to my friend - let alone to him in such a nasty fashion. Worst part: I said things I don't even mean.

Lesson learned: don't take for granted the kindness others give to you and certainly don't bitch about it when it isn't done exactly to your satisfaction. I get pissed all the time because I feel like no one appreciates the things I do, yet I just did the same thing to the person I love more than anyone else.

AoD - I'm truly sorry.


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