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Just a lil bit

I'm just thinking I'm not quite the demographic and Mtv was looking for at 6 a.m. But, I was loving it. Nelly, Fifty Cent and Eminem. I am a fan of music of all types. When Mariah Carey came on, though, I had to turn it over to VH1 and catch some Alicia Keys before flipping over to CMT and Montgomery Gentry and Kenny Chesney.

The doctor told me nothing vigorous for the next two weeks, so I had to just sort of dance in my seat while folding laundry. Stinkerbelle was loving Just Lil Bit, but then again, she probably thought it was a song about her because we call her Little Bit. Nelly's video was funny with Adam Sandler telling him to put his shirt on at the end because he was making everyone look fat.

I just think that these three guys may be surprised to hear the bass thumping in the minivan. Ha. I don't thump the bass, but I do listen to these artists. Heck, they might even like my bodacious bubble butt. Eminem has some healthy girls in his video. I loved it.


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