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Panniculectomy plight

Well, tartar sauce.

Went to work this morning. First time back at the office in more than two weeks and I head to the bathroom to take care of business and look down and my incision is oozing and has soaked through the bandages, my undies and my khakis. It isn't fresh blood, but more of an orangey-pinky fluid. Thankfully, no chunky stuff like when my c-section incision got infected and burst all that nasty stuff out of me. So, I'm REALLY hoping this is not infected.

I'm going to the doctor's office at 2 p.m. today. The nurse is going to culture it to see if it is infected or what. In her best Shrek imitation (my interpretation, she really didn't do a Shrek voice, although that might have alleviated some of my anxiety) ... she said it is better to get it out than for it to stay in. Easy for you to say you nose-ringed weenie. Did I mention my doctor's weird fascination with nose rings? Every chick in his office has a nose ring. Weird. Anyway. Wish me luck that it isn't infected and is just some fluid oozing its way out there. It doesn't hurt, which is good, I guess. We'll see.

*sigh* This sucks.


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