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Where did the time go?

Soccer camp is over now and I think it was a great success.

Thursday night, the British soccer coaches play the local DSA coaches in an exhibition game and it is a lot of fun. Of course, the British coaches kicked the DSA coaches' asses 8 to 1. But, it was fun. Here are all the coaches post-game.

Let's see if I can name then all L to R: Laura, Ben, Rob, Karl, Blake, Ben, James, Laura and Colin. Yippee. I did it. I should be able to do it as the camp coordinator. They were a good bunch of guys and gals. The kids loved having them here.

Here are my kids with Colin. He was awesome. Such a great guy.

And, here is Hot Rod with his matching Coach Colin hair on Thursday. The fingers were another coach pointing out the likeness in hair style.

Each camp, they do a World Cup challenge and split the kids into teams and give them countries to represent. Hot Rod was playing for Finland (he kept calling it Fingland, so we are still working on that) and Pickle played for England (where Colin is from). The get bonus points for getting into the spirit of the game. We also use it as a tool to teach the boys geography and about the countries. We learned that Finland has 60,000 lakes and is north of Great Britain.

And, yes, I stayed up late Thursday night making the shirts and the posters. But, they enjoyd it and that made it worth the lack of sleep. I think. Hot Rod had his face and hair painted, too. Pickle wanted nothing to do with that.

The boys played pretty well. Pickle had a challenging week. He hates having balls kicked at him and he was intimidated playing against kids a foot taller than him, too. One drill they did caused him special grief, but they made a shot on goal and then had to run in and play keeper if they didn't make a goal. He hated this because the big boys were kicking goal shots at him. The coach told him to keep doing it and get used to it and toughen up. It must have worked. During the World Cup, most teams had five or six players. His team only had five and then one kid didn't show up. So, in the final game, they were playing four on six. So, it was tough on them. The gal who was playing keeper came out to try and help score and that left their goal empty. Pickle stepped up and despite his animosity to playing keeper, he got in the goal and tried to make some stops. They only scored one on him, but I was so proud of him I had tears in my eye. He was afraid to do it, but he did it anyway for the sake of his team. It was a giant lesson for him to have learned. He was also rewarded for it. Coach Ben named him camper of the week for his group.

After the final camp session, Ben, Colin and Hot Rod's coach, James, went with us to one of our local favorite restaurants for lunch. Was nice to be surrounded by good looking guys for a meal.

It was really fun and a great experience. I'll be coordinating again next year, too. I'm a glutton for punishment. Ok, maybe I just like being surrounded by all the cute British soccer coaches. Or better yet, all of the above.


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