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Talk nerdy to me (part 2)

Pickle got to meet many comic book artists while we were at the Comic Con and Sci Fi Expo Saturday. He made his own digest-sized comic book while we were there. It was great. He and some other amaeur cartoonists and a couple of the pros submitted a page for Drawing Conclusions book. I got a few copies to keep for when he is famous and I can say "Look how far you've come!"

Below is the lovely and talented Cynthia Cummens detailing to Pickle some ideas on looking at the shape of things and starting basic and then adding detail to his pictures. Must be nice to be beautiful and talented.

I love the look on his face in the one above.

Here she is drawing for him and showing him how to do sketch Yoda.

LabKat bought a nice Yoda print from Cat Skaggs and Pickle got her autograph.

Here is Pickle with Kris Kidd, creator and author of Big Epsilon comic book. He was very nice to Pickle and cute, too. A plus for mom. Dude said they'll be making a cartoon to come out next year. He was great in explaining stuff and the best part is that his comic book hero uses cheese whiz as a weapon. Hilarious.

This was a kitty up for adoption. She was dressed up like a bat.

This little gal was a jawa. I kept calling her an ewok until someone finally corrected me. Sorry, wrong geek kingdom for me.

Kevin Sorbo was there and walked right past us. Sort of cool.

My child geeked out with some other little kids and had a light saber duel.

I don't think anything could have topped the boy's day more than this purchase. For a measly $9 I was able to make his day. He got a new Tails doll. I have a feeling I will be buying many gifts from Anime-Remix for years to come. This same doll was no less than $30 on any ebay auction, so it was a great find for my little Sonic fan. I also managed to get a Inu Yasha poster for my friend's anime fan.


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    Don't... do... it... that... doll... it's... it's... evil... He TyPeS lIkE tHiS...


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