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You say its your birthday

I always loved that Beatles song.

Everybody bimble on over to LabKat's blog and tell her Happy Birthday. We celebrated Saturday night with a ho-down white trash Texas kind of birthday shindig complete with fire hazard cake (because of ALL the candles, not the spice/heat), silly string, booze, tortilla chips and queso (velveeta and rotel). In HeeHaw fashion SAL-UTE!

It really was a lot of fun. We had LabKat and her Mr. JS, me, JS's sis and North Dallas Thirty in attendance. A small, but loud fiesta ensued.

Many of the invited folks bailed because, well, they have lives. So, LabKat was a bit down in the dumps. So, JS and I blew up an entire bag of balloons and spread them around the house. I brought a Tigger cake and soda pop and of course, the now infamous "twinkle candles." PERSONAL NOTE: These are the most fucking awesome wicked cool white trash candles EVER!!! They are tall and skinny and shoot off sparks! I shit you not! Best thing, 20 to a box for 99 cents at Albertson's.

We'll forgive her for the UT shirt. At least it wasn't "ATM" as Hot Rod calls it. Those skinny things are the candles. It took THREE of us to light all thirty-freaking-eight of them before we set off the smoke alarms.

LabKat was giggling hysterically, which is unusual for her!!!

Note the Texas queso. You can't call it cheese dip. In Texas, its queso. (That's Spanish for cheese for those who don't know.) That is NDT in the white. JS hand on the right.

Poor Tigger was right in the fire.

She may be full of hot air, but she still can't blow out all thirty-freaking-eight candles! So, we all helped.

The little balloon-icing on the cake looked like colored dog poo. And, you can see the crooked purple icing on the cake there. We think the cake decorator was toking up while fixing the cake.

Either that is a green icing tongue or she is doing her Gene Simmons imitation.

And, nothing screams white trash birthday bash more than sparklery twinkle candles and silly string. Ok, I suppose we could have been wearing Daisy Dukes and doing jello shots, but we'll leave that to Bad News Hughes' brother's wedding.

Wow, check out the moon at the top of the picture. Cool! But, I digress. We learned three things from this event:
First, silly string hurts if you get it in your eyes.
Second, your best friend (look at arm on left) and your husband (blue shirt on right) will turn on you if given silly string.
Third, sparkley candles and silly string can catch on fire if mixed together.

Oh, I learned two more things: my arms are huge (note to self to work on diet more) and paybacks are hell (note silly string on glasses from LabKat).

LabKat is usually the one doing the bimbling (I have told her that she'll go blind if she doesn't stop), but in honor of her Feliz Cumpleano, go bimble over there and wish her many happy returns. Even if she is a flaming (almost literally!) moonbat!!!


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