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Princess party

Stinkerbelle was very happy to be invited to a Princess Party a couple of weeks ago. She's still talking about it , too.

There is the birthday girl driving and Little Bit in the passenger seat. Of course, just like a woman driver, she isn't looking where she is going!

Look, the girls are already being chased by a boy.

She is such an outdoors kind of girl. She was loving the backyard. You can see just how rough and tumble she is with the patch on the knees of her jeans.

They had a bounce house, too. This was the ultimate party for this child.

The Princess Party included dress up for all. Zorro is Birthday Girl's brother and one of Hot Rod's best buddies. The little girl in the middle cracked me up. Instead of doing the princess thing, she dressed up like GI Joe and was shooting everyone or playing with the boys. She reminded me a bit of me as a young girl.

Now, the pretty little princesses. Stinkerbelle in Cinderella and Birthday Girl in the pink.

She was very pleased with herself.

Now, watching the gifts being opened. She lost her skirt somewhere along the way. I hope that isn't a hint of things to come! Funny at the parallels with this family. The mom there went to Baylor with me, but we didn't know each other there. Our oldest boys are the same age, middle boys (which are good buddies) are a year apart and the babies are both girls only a few months apart and go to the same preschool.

I loved the princess cake.

The birthday girl and the half eaten cake. The only way I could get Little Bit to leave the party was to tell her they had a gift for her. She was digging her goody bag.

This pic just cracked me up. She got the tiara at the party and the sunglasses were in her pink goody bag (of course). Fun was had by all. I had a glass of Sangria, some Ritz crackers and swiss cheese. Too much fun. For good measure, Hot Rod's goody bag was purple to match his Vikings jersey. This kid bleeds purple.


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