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SPF: Games People Play

Ok, this week's assignment from Random and Odd is the Games People Play. So, here we go:
1. A game YOU play/ed
2. Your family game. (if you have a story about a game you use to play as a kid...that would be cool too!!)
3. Your Games

A game I played for many many years was fast-pitch softball. One year, we got as far as fourth in state. I was pretty damn good to be so slow. This is just a small amount of the trophies we won. My folks coached me. These are on top of our beer fridge in the garage.

Ok, our family game. Well, in this household, its Poker baby. Here is Hot Rod at Christmas playing with my dad.

And our games. We have many because we are a game-playing family. This is the top shelf of our pantry. And, yeah, I'm a big dork. Those are my Star Trek action figures hanging on the wall.

Boggle is the game of choice ofr me and Army of Dad. We also do dominoes. There is Army of Dad's cribbage board and cards up there. My personal favorite is the Veggie Tales dominoes.

So, who's got game?


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