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Superbowl commentary

In what has become my latest trend, I'm usually a day late and a dollar short on just about everything.

So, now I'm going to catch up on my Superbowl blogging.

First off, the NFL has a bunch of stuff on the game, post-game stuff, etc. if there is something you want to go find.

Now, as far as my notes go. I actually made notes during the game so I would remember all the things I wanted to talk about. That is the reporter in me, I guess.

First off, Hot Rod decided that Big Ben is his favorite player right now. 'Cept he kept caling him Rose Burglar. Was cracking me up.

I loved the commercials of the players rehearsing how they'd do their "I'm going to DisneyLand" commercials. That was cute.

I really liked the Harrison Ford *be still my heart* Dr. Seuss Places You Will Go intro to the game. Was great to see Staubach, Harris and Starr. Montana be damned.

I fell in love with a Seahawk and wish I would have made HIM the co-hottie of the week with Ben last week. Oh momma! Lofa Tatupu, come to momma!

The Burger King commerical sucked ass and what was up with Brooke Burke in there?

I thought the Brown and Bubbly Diet Pepsi and the movie commercials were great. I love Jay Mohr, though. The Jackie Chan one was really cute. One of the few Asian men to really make my moistness factor increase (him, Jet Li and that South Korean guy.) But, I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah, Superbowl.

My FAVORITE was the Leonard Nimoy Aleve commercial. He needed the pain relief for his arthritis, so he could do his vulcan hand gesture. Classic.

I like the idea for Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty to help girls love who they are and gain self-confidence. I try not to knock myself in front of my kids and be proud of who I am and my few extra pounds. You can be sexy without being a size 6, trolls be damned.

I missed several commercials because my body would not cooperate and coincide with the Stones.

I did like the Ameriquest commercials and I think ABC may have succeeded in getting me to want to watch Lost. I watched one episode and thought it was ok, but I think I would like to watch LOTR's Dominic Monahan and the pilot from The Matrix. Anyone have the first season on DVD I could borrow?

I thought the game was exciting with all the turnovers although I would have liked to seen more offense.


  • At 12:02 PM, February 07, 2006, Blogger Uzz said…

    ok...the commercials. The Diet Pepsi commercials had the opposite effect on me...I would have traded minutes off my life to be saved from seeing them. I agree on the Burger King thing...I HATE those! Those spots are just plain creepy...there is no better word for it.

    I loved the Magic Fridge, the Bud one with the sheep as a streaker, Full Throttle Auto melee, FedEx Caveman and the Fabio Nationwide ads made me laugh. That said, the ones I thought were best were the Ameriquest spots that said, "don't judge to quickly". One had the lady on the plane who just wanted to go to the bathroom and they hit turbulence and she landed on that guy as his wife woke up... and the other was the doctors going over the chart of a man and one kills a fly with the paddles, which leaves him standing over the man with paddles and the other doctor saying "That killed him" as the patient's wife and daughter are walking into the room. FUNNY! it my imagination or is Jessica Simpson turning into a Stepford Wife? She had so much makeup on that it made her look almost robotic...I used to think she was cute, but she is quickly turning into a certain garden tool.

  • At 12:43 AM, February 08, 2006, Blogger cashin said…

    My phone has a crime deterrent


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