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Blah, it's Monday

I know my life isn't bad. I really know that, just having a pity party this morning and would love to crawl back in bed and curl up for a while. Just a lot of little things that are frustrating me.

I finished the Chronicles of Narnia and just like some people experience post-holiday letdown, I am a little depressed. I get that way after finishing books I've enjoyed. I have a couple of others to read, but I wasn't all that excited to read them like these stories. Plus, my jealousy factor was up. I cried with sadness and joy at the end of The Last Battle. And, I felt a twinge of jealousy that C.S. Lewis was such a talented writer. I would love to know that I could make someone feel that way with my writing. Then, my Catholic guilt kicks in because that is a hateful way for me to feel. *sigh*

I locked my keys in my car at church Sunday. I was just going to pick the kids up from Sunday School and was in my sweats with no makeup on, but I figured I might as well stay for mass while waiting for the professional car burglar to open my car. I felt like crap looking like that, but was good to be at mass.

The kids were evil at Chuck E. Cheese and another parent was the one to tell me about it. That sucked.

I have to cough up $50 extra for the electric company for my deposit because I paid the bill late in November. Apparently, they can jack you up to about one-sixth of your annual electric bill as a deposit. *rolling my eyes* Again, city monopoly is bending me over to stick it to me without even lubing me up or taking me to dinner.

I'm all stressed out over money and jobs and insecurity of my finances. I have to move my deadline up for a story today so I can get Army of Dad at the airport and, of course, I can't get any of my sources to call me back.

I miss my honey. He'll be home today, thankfully. But, soccer starts in full swing today and we're finally getting colder winter-like weather this week. Great timing Mother Nature.


Ok, I'll try to be upbeat later.

At least two happy thoughts: South Korean hottie. Saw Walk the Line on Saturday night and left a wet spot in my chair for Joaquin Phoenix.


  • At 4:08 PM, February 06, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    See now, that's why we guys love to read you. Because you're not afraid to write a line like "left a wet spot in my chair."

    Ever think of doing one of those "romance" novels?

    Or, if you already are, let us know your pseudonym -- now THOSE I'd buy (despite the weird looks I'd get on the train).


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