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More Easter pics

I'm finally getting around to posting Uzz's photos of Pickle's confirmation. It is not too bad to have a professional photographer for an ex-husband.

Candlelight is the best kind of light for me, I think. Yeah, look, not too bad.

A very nervous little boy. At least I didn't make him wear a suit. Of course, I didn't want to buy a suit.

His sponsor was very sweet and supportive.

I like Father John. He is very sweet. That little altar server is a doll, isn't she?

Getting the oil on his head. Just what every pre-teen boy need, some more grease on his face.

And, getting a hug.

With his grandmothers. My mom on the left and Uzz's mom on the right.

And, lastly with mom and her sunburned arms. I was so mad at myself for letting that happen. Then, the Target giftcard - quite the nice touch. Nothing says Congratulations for becoming a part of God's family like cash and gift cards. :) The kid loved them.


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