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Life is weird

I can post about the most mundane things in the world and get smacked down for them. Then, I can post the most controversial out-of-this-world topics and no one peeps.

What is up with that?

And, every now and then, I'll have comments that are just weird and make no sense. My pleasant little Happy Thanksgiving post had some weirdo ragging on the cutesy picture of the cat and dog in harmony. I just don't get it.


  • At 2:37 PM, December 06, 2006, Blogger Rachelle Jones said…

    My lurkers rarely comment....

    gee if they start I could be in trouble...

    Christmas with the kids is making me cry too...

    sweet they are just sweet

  • At 2:45 PM, December 06, 2006, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    ArmyWife, you're much nicer than I am, so that probably plays some role in people not feeling obligated to be hateful. :)

    And, Christmas with children is a blessing!


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