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Rivalry Education

Silly me. I never knew the rivalries outside of my own little sports world until I met Army of Dad.

One of the first times he came to the house, I was wearing a Florida State Seminoles shirt. I really liked that shirt. The fabric was really soft and I loved the maroon color. I had no clue what mascot it was. My mom and dad got it for me.

Then, I met Army of Dad. He looked like he smelled something bad when I opened the door to my apartment and greeted him while wearing it. I believe he said something about screwing me while wearing it would be appropriate or something to that effect. He's a die-hard Gators fan. Enuff said.

The next time I learned about the rivalry thing came when I was going through a bag of hand-me-down clothes from my next door neighbor (who is from Wisconsin - this is important to the story.) Well, my husband and his offspring are Vikings fans. *see where this is going?* I'm going through the bag of clothes when I come upon a really nice Green Bay Packers hoodie. I've been a Favre fan since he came out way back when. So, I was excited about this nice sweatshirt and go to show Army of Dad.

AoD: What is that?
AoM: A sweatshirt from M. for Hot Rod. Its really nice isn't it?
AoD: Its a Packers sweatshirt.
AoM: *puzzled* Uh, yeah. It is really nice.
AoD: Are you joking?
AoM: *giving him that lost quizzical puppy head cock*
AoD: The Green Bay Packers are the Minnesota Vikings' arch-rival.
AoM: *dejectedly putting the sweatshirt in the reject bag and sighing*

Yeah, going to be a loud night in the Army of Mom household tonight with the Vikes taking on the Favre-less Packers.


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