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Fading Memories of N'Awlins

Fading memory of this one is right ... sometimes drinking to excess is not a good thing. You wind up on the Internet in a menage tois with a Democrat from San Francisco and a blow-up sheep doll. This was so funny, though. These two guys were walking around with this sheep and people were running. Us? We started laughing and talking to them. I had to get a picture. This guy was nervous as to what I was going to do. I told him to relax and go with it and he cracked up when I did this. Then he gave me the high five and BFF captured the moment for all eternity.
Sunday afternoon, we lucked into an Octoberfest parade. Very fun. We loaded up on beads and a few assorted souvenirs that they tossed out, too.
In the daylight it looks much different, but this was one of our favorite places on Bourbon Street. We danced the night away next to the stage listening to a great cover band playing favorites from the 80s, 90s and today. Good stuff.
And, of course, the Superdome where the Vikes smacked down the Saints the day after I returned.
And, our hotel. The Hotel Monteleone. It was gorgeous and only one block from Bourbon Street. Made stumbling back pretty easy. Lots of cops and security everywhere, so that was nice, too.
And, on the flight back. We look as wiped out as we felt. Of course, we didn't look at all like tourists. No sirree. Me with a wad of beads and BFF with her Cowboy-colored boa. We were quite the sight. In New Orleans, no one looked twice. Landing at DFW Airport was another situation entirely. It is good to be home, but I could use a frozen banana dacquiri to just carry around with me like I did on Bourbon Street.


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