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Medical News To Use

My pediatrician has told me for years that over-the-counter cold medicines for little ones were a waste of time. Now, it seems, the medical profession has finally pressured the OTC companies to follow suit. Earlier this week, drug companies acquiesced and recommended NOT giving OTC cold remedies to kids under 4.

And, it would seem a solution to embryonic stem cell research may have been found in YOUR PANTS! A story in the journal, Nature, showed that cells taken from men's testicles seem as versatile as the stem cells derived from embryos making this researchers yet another new approach in a burgeoning scientific field. The new type of stem cells could be useful for growing personalized replacement tissues, according to a study in the journal Nature. But because of their source, their highest promise would apply to only half the world's population: men.

But, it's a start!


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