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MILFs on Bourbon Street: Friday Night Lights

It all started harmlessly enough. We walked down to see the St. Louis Cathedral and get some beignets from Cafe Du Monde. The area was really pretty and full of street entertainers and artisans. So, we stopped for a photo op.
Or maybe a few photo ops. Isn't that cathedral gorgeous? We had hoped to make it to mass Saturday night, but it started at 5 p.m. and my meetings didn't end until about 5:15.

I really like trying to take some neat and interesting pictures. So, I got the wheel for the cannon in the shot.

Lots and lots of street entertainers everywhere we went. I thought it was creepy that there were a bunch of fortune tellers right on the plaza of the church. Yuck. Anyway. This painted up statue guy was pretty good. I think he made a kissy lip sound at me as I walked by, but BFF gave him a buck or two, so we went back for pictures. He even told us how to pose.
Right after I snapped this pic of BFF was when Dwayne came over to regale me with praise for my beauty. Wow. He was laying it on thick, but I have to say it was really flattering. My own dear husband has been endeavoring to toss out a compliment here and there, but that isn't really in his nature to do. So, I know he is working hard when he does it (he did, however, slip some sweet little love notes in my laptop bag and book for me to find while I was gone.) Hmm. Looking at these pictures and I think we alerady looked blitzed.

The balconies were great. We finally made our way up on one on Saturday night. I had to get the Vikings flag on this one for Army of Dad. He was stoked Monday night when his Vikes beat the Saints. Now, I have to say my mojo was working on Friday night. It was that or the Texas tank top. I'll go with mojo, but BFF was playing Vanna White to my chest as we passed the balconies. She got pelted with beads a few times as the boys chunked beads at us in an effort to get us to unleash the girls, but alas, their efforts were in vain and all they got was the existing cleavage. Not long after this, we saw some blondes on a balcony and they were flashing for some guys on the street. But, what I didn't get was that the dumb girl threw beads to the guys instead of having the beads thrown to them. I turned around and asked BFF if that was odd when some old lesbian nearby said, "Well, she is blonde!" I almost fell down laughing.

The street jester guy was pretty funny, too. I handed BFF the camera and asked her to snap a shot while I bent over getting my boobs as close to his hand as possible without putting it in there. He appreciated it. Then, I convinced her to go do the same with her butt (we have joked since high school that if we could take her butt and my chest, we'd have the perfectly built woman). The guy didn't even ask for a tip after that. He said the proximity to her butt was enough.

Then, there was the disturbing Quagmire drawn on the bathroom door. I sat down to take care of business and Giggity dude is eye level to me. I cracked up (which is disturbing to people - to hear you laughing from a bathroom stall.)

Goofy gal had to have a boa. I was taking a picture of her when she struck a pose. I laughed out loud.
And, finally, what everyone has been waiting for. Drunk pictures. I'm not sure what gives it away most. The big Jester frozen margarita in her hand, the boa or the glassy-eyed look.
Me? Its the fact that I took my glasses off. You don't need 'em to see when everything is fuzzy from booze anyway. The big goofy smile may be the dead giveaway. Oh yeah, and the straw from the delicious Jester frozen banana dacquiri is not far from my mouth!!!


  • At 1:49 PM, October 07, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Drawing Quagmire on the inside of a women's stall door is inspired. They oughta have standardized decals of that for the women's room at all the Dick's Last Resort locations.

    (There you go, Seth MacFarlane -- marketing ideas, for only 1/100th of your annual paycheck.)

  • At 8:32 PM, October 07, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh sweet manna from heaven...bff enticingly teasing with the a$$ grab. Oh dare to dream.


  • At 1:41 PM, October 09, 2008, Blogger Gadfly said…

    I'm thinking the two of you managed to consume a few cocktails ;-)


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