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I'm on a Boat

Ok, so I'm not on a boat anymore ... but I was thinking I ought to keep on sharing these pics. And, after bailing water out of my backyard tonight (for about 90 minutes, I pushed water out the gate with the help of AoD and Hot Rod) ... it reminded me of all the water while I was on the boat.
Ok, I was a little giddy one morning and enjoyed my reflection in the table.
The sunset was beautiful.
We bought one picture, but damn, they're so expensive. I just decided to snap a quick pic when I saw 'em. And, I saw this one and couldn't stop giggling. All that dude needs is a biscuit to sop up that smelly pirate hooker.
And, the mariachi trying to get the little girl to smile is hilarious, too.
Not to be left out of the fun, Army of Dad was ready with his goofy pose, too.
And, these just made me giggle. Check out the little mariachi at the bottom of the pictures. On me: wow, check out the size of that gringa's ass! And, on AoD: check out the size of that dude's junk! *snickering* AoD noticed that the mariachi has a bigger smile in my picture than in the one with him. I would certainly hope so.


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