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How 'bout them Cowboys?

Faux Jason Witten and Faux Tony Romo were still pretty cute, even if they weren't the real things. This Romo had some tasty chocolate brown eyes. *hubba hubba* The Witten-wannabe also told some drunk Seahawks fan to leave me alone, too. Gotta love it. Hat tip to AoD for spotting them for me. :)
Us at Jerry World. Some very nice Seahawks fan took the pic for us.
This was my camera's max zoom on Romo from our seats. We didn't have ushers up in the nosebleeds, we had sherpas.
Roy Williams looks like some massive giant on the jumbotron.
And, another example of the view from our seats. I had to make myself watch the game and not the giant TV right in front of me. :) It was cool for replays, especially. More cool angles of the stadium. I really like the design.

This view was from inside the stadium. Beautiful arches are both neat architectural features and stabilizers for the structure. All in all, an incredible day. Cowboys won 38-17. I had never seen the Seahawks in person before either, so that was cool. Many thanks to AoD for scoring the seats from his workplace. :)


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