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What's that glow? Oh, AoM's blushing

I knew it would probably happen at some point this coming UNT Mean Green men's basketball season, but the dreaded moment came Thursday night. Yep, I had to come face-to-face with the smokin' hot Collin Mangrum (whom I've watched lustily) since he was a freshman. First time Army of Dad saw Collin warming up, he elbowed me and smiled. Then, with my face flushing, he said "you're welcome." I just grinned and asked him how he knew I'd appreciate that view and he just chuckled with a response indicating that he knows what I like to look at. He was right.

So, for the past few years, I've been drooling over the poor Mangrum boy. Well, I got busted. Someone alerted his momma that I was lusting after her sweet boy via the blog. So, obviously Collin now knows that I sit a few rows up in the Super Pit with a nice warm fuzzy feeling in my chest every time he's warming up. Or sitting down. Or ... well, you get the point.


Well, it isn't often that I blush, but when I found out his mom was reading the blog and Collin learned of my (now, not-so-secret) crush ... well, then the blushing started in full force. Fortunately, his mom was good-natured about it and not offended. Even knowing that, I was horribly embarrassed at every game after that. His mom invited us to go down to meet Collin and talk with his family after the last few games of the season, but I was so mortified, I couldn't do it. I was just too embarrassed to face Collin.

Last night, however, there was no way to avoid talking to him. He had this look on his face that is hard to explain. He recognized us. That alone was enough to make me want to crawl under a table. The only real explanation I can think of to describe his expression was amusement. I think he knew I was totally flustered and he was trying not to laugh. He was very polite and asked if we planned to go to the games this season. Told him we planned to get season tickets and he asked where we'd be sitting. Told him we'd be in our regular seats in the corner near the players because we liked to razz the officials. And, he said Army of Dad's taunts cracked him up. So, we were glad to know the guys were amused and not irritated by it.

So, I finally had to face him and I didn't die. But, a day later I'm still flustered and blushing.
But, I dealed. Even got a pic of the kids with (L to R) Eric Tramiel, George Odufuwa, Dominque Johnson, Collin Mangrum and Josh White. Go Mean Green!


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