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I left my heart

I did leave my heart somewhere, but it is back in Texas - not in San Francisco. I'm missing my honey and my kids as I mark my 41st birthday in The City (as the locals call it). I serve on the board for a professional non-profit and we're having our annual board meeting in SF this weekend. I came out a little early on Thursday and ran into two colleagues who were here for meetings that had been cancelled.

So, I got the luxury of a tour guide. The fella there came from Cleveland, but he lived in SF years ago. So, he rented a car and showed us around all the touristy spots that I wanted to see. The gal is actually from my DFW Chapter of the non-profit. So, we had lunch in Fisherman's Wharf and I got to ride down the crookedest street in the world, too. All in all a great day of site-seeing. Friday I had a digital media symposium and learned some new stuff for work. Supper last night at the Elephant Bar with some of the ladies in the group, too. That was nice.

I also got to meet Ken from the Fifth String on the Banjo of Life and formerly It Comes in Pints blog. Always nice to meet people you've read for years online and see if they're anything like you imagined them to be. Today I'll celebrate my birthday with a non-stop board meeting from 9-5, but I think my colleagues are planning to take me out on the town tonight. Can't wait.


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