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The day from hell

This has been one of those days. I went and got my cast on my foot this morning. I have a lovely royal blue cast on my foot and lower leg. It goes to right under my knee. I just found out this morning at the doctor, though, that when I return in two weeks to get the cast off and the stitches out that I'll have a boot thing on for another two to three weeks after that. Just stinks. I saw the boo-boo, for lack of a better word. Looked awful to me. I have three separate incisions and the swelling was all distorted looking. *shrug* The doctor seemed to think it looked like it was healing fine. Blech.

I'm cramping and all PMSy. I hate it. I was weeping for a dozen different reasons earlier. Just frustration. The job I interviewed for has a few other people to interview, so I'm not sure if I'll get the job or not. I was really thinking I had it by the way the interview was - "You'll be doing this. You'll be working with ..." You know the drill.

Got a call from one of my editors. Of the five stories I have due in the next week or two, I found out that one is due tomorrow!!! I thought it was due on Monday. So, I had to get on a horse and get it done today. Got the interviews done and will write it tonight.

Today is my mom's 65th birthday, too. I feel sort of bad that she is staying at my house and helping babysit me and the kids on her birthday. I did make her a german chocolate cake, though. She had to take it out of the oven for me while I was doing a phone interview for my story. I hated to ask her to do it, but didn't want it to burn either.

Surfing the net in between phone interviews and I'm such a Harry Potter dork. I found these websites for Seamus Finnegan and Crabbe. Turns out that a sci-fi con in Orlando is advertising Seamus and the Weasley twins are going to be there and they never agreed to go, but this con is still advertising that they'll be there. I hate that. The con still has a lot of cool people going to be there from Chekov and Counselor Troi to Darth Maul. But, that is wrong to advertise HP folks when they never agreed to go. *shrug* Not that I could go to Orlando to do it, but still.

Off to limp into the kitchen and make some sandwiches for supper. It is nice not to have the crutches anymore, but I'm walking like a dork now. *shrug*


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