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Hump day

I stayed home one more day with Stinkerbelle, but she seems absolutely fine. I need to go shove some antibiotics down here. She REALLY does not like her "medsy" any more. I think she thought she was big the other day by taking it willingly because she sees Boo taking his Cortef every day for his CAH. So, maybe she thought if you're big, you take medicine. I dunno. But, she is past it now and thinks it sucks. She is feeling SOOO much better. Now, she is just full of snot. I'm going to take advantage of the situation and run some errands today and if my wussy arm can start the lawnmower, I'll mow during her nap. I'm not going to hold my breath on it. But, the guy catty-corner from us is usually home in the day, so I may ask my neighbor to start it for me if I can't. The guys around here are pretty good about doing that for me on the few occasions I've done it without AoD around.

Our little kids' soccer team won last night 5-2 and our very own Hot Rod scored a goal. Yippee.
This is not from last night, but you get the idea. His daddy was VERY proud. He had another shot on goal, but it was wide. We felt sort of bad for the other team because they must be really bad for our little kids to beat them. Hot Rod is the only kid to have played before and if these boys were better listeners, I think they'd be a better team. But, hey, they're only 5-year-olds, so what do you expect?


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