Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


We all turn into our mothers

Every day that I do something bizarre that my mother used to do I just cringe. It happens more and more, but it is totally funny to watch it happen to my mother. Ok, sometimes it is funny, other times it is just annoying.

Lately I've noticed my mother can't seem to leave me a phone message properly. When I get the message, I can tell she's been talking for a while and I get the tail end of whatever it was she was trying to say. It is a bit annoying if it is some piece of informatoin that I really needed to have. It is a Godsend whens he is just calling to bitch about my dad.

But it reminds me of my late grandmother. She used to crack me up. My mom and dad still don't have voicemail, they use an answering machine. I'm convinced there is a pterodactyl inside it pecking out the messages, but I digress. My grandmother would call and act like she was talking to an operator or something.

"Hello. This is XYZ (she was sane enough to use her real name). I'm calling for Army of Mom. Please have her call me at 123-456-7890. Thank you."

I would laugh hysterically and then call Granny back. She'd say "I don't like that lady that answers your phone. She never says thank you before she hangs up."


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