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Flashing my assets to the world

I was reading Dear Abby this morning and comments about the distaste of hospital gowns caught my eye. Since I just had surgery last week, this is a fresh topic for me. When I had surgery in October on my wrist, the nurse told me that I could have left my panties on if they were cotton. Well, they were satiny Victoria's Secrets that day, so I wore my cotton VS panties last week in hopes of keeping my drawers on. When the nurse brought me the hospital gown and asked me to disrobe, I asked about leaving my panties on and she told me to take them off (and she actually told me why, which was nice). She said if something happened in surgery and it took longer than anticipated, this way they could insert a catheter in and out so I wouldn't pee on myself. This explanation makes perfect sense. And, thankfully, no one felt me up this time.


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