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Where a kid can be a kid

Took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and it was pretty fun. We go REALLY cheap, so it isn't so offensive. We get coupons on Koolaid bottles at the store, so we get a large pizza for $9.99 and we have free tokens coupons. I have some refillable cups we got as party favors, so we get our drinks for free. Can't beat that for a few hours of fun. Army of Dad likes to play the games and Little Bit LOVES to dance to the music. All in all, not too bad.

My pizza-eating Vikings.

Chuck E. Cheese car driving Little Bit with Hot Rod sneaking in.

The would-be Vikings firefighters. Lots of jokes could be made with phallic references, but I choose not to go that route - this time! Sort of looks like he has a pencil over his right ear, too, but that is something on the wall.

Little Bit likes the toddler playground. It is just her size.

Now back to work while Army of Dad and Hot Rod run some errands. I put Little Bit down for a nap, but she is fighting it big time!


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