Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Is this cute or what?

Arizona Game and Fish Department released this photo of a black-footed ferret as it emerged from a burrow at a pen near Seligman, Ariz. Endangered black-footed ferrets are reproducing and surviving longer in the wild than they have since recovery efforts began nearly a decade ago, according to wildlife biologists. Biologists have found 28 ferrets in the last two years in Arizona that were born in the wild - more than double the number found during any two-year period since a reintroduction program began in 1996.

Not much to blog about right now, can you tell? Army of Dad got home safely last night at 11 p.m. and even brought me some flowers, which was a nice surprise. I have a phone interview for a story in a few minutes, then we'll probably take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch. Hot Rod wanted some time with dad to play, but wanted the "whole family" to go. He was sad that Boo is still with his dad in Waco at his grandmother's there. But, he'll make do with the rest of us. I have some more writing to do today and then I'll likely continue putting up Christmas decorations, albeit slowly. The cast makes it take a little more time because I get fatigued a little easier than I normally would. But, that is ok. I learned this morning that one of my dear friends is pregnant. I'm so excited for her. I love babies!


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