Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


A memorable moment

Little Bit is going to get her first haircut today. We won't do much but just trim her bangs so she doesn't have the Simply Red look so much.

Of course I started my period and Army of Dad is coming home tonight from his business trip. Great timing. I'm bloated and icky. Lovely.

I usually save back a few toys for my children after Christmas so they have another nice treat, so my two little ones got some Little Tykes vehicles. Hot Rod got a monster truck and Little Bit got a tractor. In typical 2-year-old fashion, she is trying to ride it (despite it only being about six inches long!). It looked a little obscene. Then, Hot Rod was playing with a darts-style game that uses tennis balls with velcro on the target. He kept telling me to "look at my balls!" It sounds kind of bad in my house today!

Thank God, Little Bit's little pink mouse beanie baby thingee is driving her tractor now. Somehow that looks better and less obscene.


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