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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


White flag has been raised

A truce has been called. I will take my calloused shell of a soul and zip my lips when it comes to my lack of feelings for the 100,000+ victims of the tsunami in Indonesia.

I have been informed that I'm heartless and I've taken the following oath *with my right hand raised and everything.*

I do hereby swear that I will cease and desist in being a hate-filled woman in this instance.

Are you happy now LabKat? Friends again? I think Doug at Bogus Gold has the right idea. I will thank God tonight that my family is safe and say a little prayer for those suffering because of the disaster.


  • At 12:06 AM, December 31, 2004, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Little Bit will be duly thrilled when I show her the "dilly dat" (translation - silly cat) pictures in the morning.

    And, for those of you who haven't been in the midst of the crossfire, go check out and see the diverse nature of this set of dear friends. How we keep from killing each other is beyond me.

  • At 2:19 PM, December 31, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    All I wanna know is when there's going to be a new episode of Enterprise on.

  • At 3:46 PM, December 31, 2004, Blogger Astrosmith said…

    According to, new episodes start back on Jan 14.

  • At 7:00 PM, December 31, 2004, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Woo hoo. I saw Brent Spiner on one of my Law & Order SVU episodes today.

  • At 8:45 PM, December 31, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have decided to be PC, and not mention that I despise L&O, and all of its spinoffs. I'd rather drink Michelle Moore's douche.

    I also refuse to mention that millions of Catholic Chinese were murdered in Indonesia by Muslims. Considering my great regard for Catholics, it leaves me conflicted.

    ...and I don't even want to think of the thousands of Tamil Tiger terrorists who were over-hydrated, those lovely, American hating terrorists, who have blown up so many caucasians in the last few decades in their murder spree.

    Why isn't the billionaire George Soros sending money? Why is GW sending hard earned American tax dollars to the center of the asian little boy sex trade?

    I'm probably just confused...

    Happy New Year.

  • At 8:46 AM, January 01, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Happy New Year Bane.

    And, that is sacrilege about Law & Order. I'm a TV junkie.

  • At 10:04 AM, January 01, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    AoM, Bane and Nate,

    I thought you might enjoy this little qoute. It's sneaked out of Vox's inbox and I have not bothered to check any numbers to see whether or not it's realistic.

    "Indonesian authorities are reporting that entire islands have simply vanished as
    a result of last Sunday's quake and tsunami, and they're now estimating the loss
    of life at over 400,000 dead.

    Which, if true, means they've only lost about 5 *weeks* worth of growth in their
    population numbers..."



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