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National anthem

On the drive home yesterday, I was listening to KRLD talk/news radio so I'd know how to navigate rush hour traffic and the gal on there auditioned to sing the national anthem at Lone Star Park this year. They played a snippet of her singing and tears started to swell up in my eyes. It never fails that I cry when I hear that song. My parents taught me to respect the flag, appreciate our freedom and strive to be the best American I can be. We work to instill that love for God, country and freedom into our own children and I think Hot Rod is a shining example of it. He knows flag etiquette and will point out when people are doing it wrong. Our boys know to remove their hats, stand and sing the national anthem. I appreciate all those who sacrificed so I could be free and express my opinions as I want to. Sacrifice doesn't have to mean laying down your life. It can mean putting your own wants and desires on hold. It can mean spending an entire weekend out in the field when you'd rather be cuddled up with your honey sleeping late on Saturday morning. It can mean spending several weeks at NTC training for that "just in case" scenario that has now happened.

Army of Dad and I took Hot Rod to Fort Hood for Memorial Day last year. It was such a great trip. Just time for him with mom and dad.

We also saw this great artwork that was in the news quite a bit. It is a tribute to Fourth Infantry Division (in which AoD served). It is even more touching to see in person. I highly recommend the road trip to Killeen if you're ever able. The link here tells the story behind the statue.


  • At 3:11 PM, March 09, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh and Hotrod and Pickle will talk bad about people if they fail to show the proper respect to the flag/national anthem.

    They talk loud too...wonder where they get that from.


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