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Open house

Boo and Hot Rod's school had open house last night. That is always fun. We had a rough start to the event. I was supposed to help clean up the PTA pizza supper, but didn't make it on time. On the way, Boo announces in a terrified voice that he forgot his shoes. I could see the veins bulging on Army of Dad's head as we turned around to go get his shoes. Not a great start, but we all got over it quickly enough.

Boo got an award from the PE teacher for good effort and good behavior. He was very proud of himself. Many kids got various levels of awards, but he was on the top tier with just a handful of other kids.

Hot Rod turned himself into a cowboy and Boo transformed into a leperchaun as adornments for the walls. I know there is a joke in there somewhere, but I can't think of it. I hope you can see their faces, I didn't lighten the pictures much. Sorry.

Hot Rod shows the page he contributed to the book on Turkeys his class made. He was very cute. He wanted to get all dressed up, so I was pressing his shirt last night before we left. His page says Turkeys lay eggs. I'm not sure what the pictures are supposed to be. I may ask him this morning.

His artwork is hilarious. He has a drawing of his dad - who ALWAYS wears a purple Vikings shirt or sweatshirt to soccer practice so the boys can spot him more easily on the crowded soccer fields. This picture - we're guessing - is his dad in his purple shirt on the soccer fields. You can tell that my eldest is my gifted artist and not the little brother. ;) But, we love the effort.

And, of course, a picture of my three beautiful children.


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