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So non-traditional

Thursday, I had a couple of tours to do at the airport. One of them included a group of students from a college in Fort Worth. Our Assistant Director of Communications comes to me and says:
Ok, we have a group of college students to tour today. What age comes to mind when you think of college students from TCC?
My response:
Well, 18-22. But, if they're from TCC where a large portion of the student population is non-traditional students, so they could be any age.
These students are SOOOOOOO non-traditional that we're in trouble.

She didn't realize they were from the senior education program at TCC. What makes this REALLY bad is that we joke that our tour of the new terminal is the "cardiovascular tour" because we walk around a mile or so in what feels like an obstacle course because you're dodging all the active construction. We also walk about 10 to 12 flights of stairs or more depending upon which route we take through the site. Now, all those stairs aren't at the same time, but each climb is about two to three stories.

I got out my safety vest and my pink hardhat and got ready to help her out. We got a 15-passenger van and a bus to transport our passengers. One poor old gal couldn't step up into that van. I could use a stepstool myself because I'm short. Me driving this van is sort of scary, I think.

We get there and ADC is talking in a very polite voice and I couldn't hear her, so I suspected that the old folks couldn't hear her either. So, I step up. If you don't know me. I'm loud. I'm very loud. So, I project my voice even louder and announce to the group that we're going to split up. Half with me. I heard one old guy say "She's the loud one, I'm going with her so I can hear." So, I have the hard-of-hearing group in a construction zone. Great.

As we're walking from the ticketing hall to the parking garage, I move everyone into the foyer so they can hear away from the construction noises when one of my old ladies trips and falls. OHMIGOD. I still feel so bad for her. This is why everyone must sign a waiver of liability before they come to the site, but I felt really bad for her. She said she was ok, but I bet she's purple today.

I called ADC to tell her what happened and she cackles as she tells me that in all of the 100s of tours she's done, no one has ever fallen. Great. Leave it to me to be the first. This sort of thing happens to me. The first time I was a eucharistic minister at mass, some girl spills the blood of Christ (the wine). I thought lightning was going to strike me right there. What the crap do I do? So, I put my napkin over the spot and go find the ministry coordinator. Evidently he had to do some rite when it was cleaned up. You don't just spray carpet cleaner on the blood of Christ. I have a knack for random things happening to me.


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