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Return to flight


Hooray! It has been too long since we've put a crew into space.

NASA has scheduled briefings and demonstrations at NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC) April 4-7. The events will preview operations to return the Space Shuttle to flight and conduct the next International Space Station crew exchange. Activities include news media briefings about safety enhancements and improvements for the first Space Shuttle flight since the Columbia accident; an in-flight Space Station crew news conference; a preview of the next Station crew launch and landing; and opportunities to watch the next Shuttle crew train and describe its mission, designated STS-114. The Space Shuttle Discovery launch window is May 15 to June 3. The seven astronauts of STS-114 are Commander Eileen Collins; Pilot Jim Kelly; Mission Specialists Soichi Noguchi of Japan, Steve Robinson, Andy Thomas, Wendy Lawrence and Charlie Camarda.
For information about NASA’s Return to Flight mission, visit:

My best friend from childhood is going to take her family to the launch of this shuttle. She'll have the VIP seats, too. Wanna know why? Her husband has played a role in some pieces of the space shuttle. Astronauts fly in locally to come work with him on whatever role it is that his company is playing in the shuttle. She has pictures of the kids with the astronauts on the wall of her home. They are all so excited and I'm very jealous. What a great opportunity for them.


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