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True story - beware of the laugh out loud nature

One of my friends had to share this email with me today. Her son is in kindergarten and is a "spirited" child much like my own. He struggles to stay on task and stay out of trouble, much like both of my boys.

She got this email from her boy's teacher:

Just wanted to let you know that Ron* got all his work done today...he's doing well. After the students get done with morning work I allow them to work puzzles or do extra "fun" work. Ron decided to make a bug mask that I had in the extra work area. He worked hard cutting it out and after a while I saw him walking around with the mask on his face. As he got closer I noticed that he didn't have yarn keeping his mask I called him over to find out how the mask was staying on his face. Ron replied, "Silly Miss Bowman*, I glued it to my eyebrows!!!" I tried to be professional and not laugh, but that may be one of the funniest things I've seen in my classroom all year. However, I tried to get him to take it off and now he's scared that it will if he comes home with a few less eyebrows...I'll try to not to make bald spots.
Miss Bowman

*names have been changed to protect the subjects* ;)


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