Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Home Improvement

Talking with my sister-in-law about all the home improvements she had going on at her new house and I am completely jealous. My husband and I have many lofty ideas for things we'd like to do, but we are just not DIY kind of folks. Our projects are limited to replacing ceiling fans, maybe a coat of paint here or there and that is about it.
But, there are times when I find myself daydreaming about new floors in the bathroom or replacing the aging wallpaper or even pulling out the sink upstairs and putting in a really pretty vanity. Of course, that is the kids' restroom, so maybe a whimsical or masculine vanity would be in order as Army of Dad and the boys use it most. Little Bit just uses it to shower. I don't know. Maybe some day when I get all the bills paid off I'll start some major home improvement projects. For now, I think I'm going to paint the boys' rooms after school starts. Been promising them that for a while.

Gotta figure out if Hot Rod wants Florida Gators, Minnesota Twins or Minnesota Vikings colors. I think Pickle will go with Sonic the Hedgehog blue and red, but I dunno. He might like a Star Wars color scheme. That could be cool. I may try to get rid of his bunk beds and buy him just a basic twin bed. That would give him a whole ton more space.


Happy Independence Day!

We had our local Independence Day celebration on Saturday. Best part was that we had some rain in between festivities, so things were cooled off some. For the first time in my life, I was actually cool while watching the fireworks in Texas. Never before have I contemplated wearing a jacket to watch the fireworks except in Minnesota when we watched along the banks of the Mississippi River in St. Cloud (that was 2006 and still one of my favorite fireworks displays.) This is, by far, my favorite holiday (with Thanksgiving a close second and Christmas in third). I wonder what that says about me? I love this country and (in the words of our elementary school's prinicpal) our Founding Fathers rock. We're going to a neighboring city tonight to check out the fireworks there, too.

Have a great Fourth of July.