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Man Laws

Have you seen the Miller Beer commercials with The Bus and Burt Reynolds discussing "man laws?"

I like these commercials. I didn't know who all the other guys were till I was reading about the commercial.

These guys discuss topics such as how long to wait before dating a buddy's ex-girlfriend, etc. But, my favorite is the one about your buddy bringing several beers from the bar and what happens if he sticks his finger in your beer.

The men proposed a "You poke it, you own it" law.

I think there is another meaning there. So, guys beware of where you poke it. Or you own it.

Arrr, look at that booty!

I love pirates. Here are a few of my favorites.

Steve the Pirate from Dodgeball:

Some flamboyant pirates, Adam and the Ants:

A very hot pirate: Capt. Jack Sparrow:

The cutest pirate on the planet: Stinkerbelle

Now, the pouting pirate. still cute.

and, my favorite pirate bloggers: El Capitan and Cashin.

Now THIS is a bad day

If you thought you had a bad day, go check out poor DM's shitty day and just be glad this isn't you.

Peace, love and AoM: 1971

You Belong in 1971
If you scored...
1950 - 1959: You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!
1960 - 1969: You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too.
1970 - 1979: Bold and brash, you take life by the horns. Whether you're partying or protesting, you give it your all!
1980 - 1989: Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.
1990 - 1999: With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!

Hat Tip to Mo K, who was stuck in 1962.

Memorial Day Tribute

Go see some really nice pictures Uzz took at a Memorial Day event this week. He took Pickle with him to help him honor those who died in service to our country fighting for our freedom.

He even has a picture in their of his dad's grave. Pickl'es grandpa (Uzz's dad) served in WWII and Korea. He was at D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge, if I remember correctly. He was a POW, too. A great man whom I wished I could have known.

The pics communicate visually what Memorial Day is all about from family remembering their loved ones tol old grunts honoring their war buddies to a funeral detail color guard. Go have a look-see.

I love my job

Ok, I must have a wee bit of my mom's bi-polar thing going on today. I'm so up that it is fairly unbelievable. I am working on some great stories and I have great gigs lined up for this month.

I just got off the phone with the founder, president and CEO of Strategic Hotels & Resorts. Who is that, you ask? Oh, just some little guy who owns several Four Seasons resorts, Marriotts and Hyatts, among others. He is heading up a New Orleans redevelopment effort that looks to be massive.

These are the moments when I love my job. Doing big stories is pretty cool.

Hump day cutie

Looked over at my LOTR daily calendar and there was this precious *pun intended* picture of Frodo smiling over his shoulder. He looks so dear.

So, today, ladies - we have the boy down the street, Elijah Wood.

He just looks so cute. I bet looks are deceiving and he is a bit mischievous.

Trying to look like James Dean. Still cute.

I bet girls have a great time corrupting him with those pretty eyes.

Let's hear it for Hobbit love!


Working to the tunes

A few years back, Uzz made me an MP3 with lots of old tunes on it. I don't have an MP3 player other than my DVD player, so I popped it in while boys are at daycamp and Stinkerbelle is at preschool.

Gives me something to keep me kicking while working.

A sample of tunes:

One Tree Hill - U2
My Sharona - The Knack
Senses Working Overtime - XTC
68 Guns - The Alarm
Woman in Chains - Tears for Fears

Tunes from Nitzer Ebb, B-52s, Elvis Costello, Squeeze ... and so many more. There are 183 songs on here.

This rocks.

Great marketing gimmick

While reading the newspaper at lunch today, I saw an article about shoe tags designed to identify children in case of separation from parents and I love the idea. The article is focusing on the company -Who's Shoes ID - that makes these ID tags donating thousands of the tags to Galveston schools in case of hurricanes and families getting separated like those in Katrina and Rita did.

The information is located on the bottom side of the tag, so not everyone can see it. I'm buying some for my children as we get into summer with daycamp and our upcoming vacation.

Go to the movies

For the first time in I don't know when, Army of Dad and I have seen all the big blockbuster films that are out right now.

We saw Xmen 3, MI3 and DaVinci Code.

I really enjoyed Xmen and the DaVinci Code. I thought MI3 was pretty stupid. It was ok enough. The stunts were cool to watch and I liked the actors. I just thought the plot - or lack thereof - was lame. AoD asked me what I expected from a Mission Imposible movie, but it was all explosions and not enough drama for me. So totally out of touch with reality that I couldn't even handle it. I was laughing hysterically at some of the stupid tricks they were doing. I thought MacGyver was more realistic than MI3. But, if you like explosions and Tom Cruise, go for it.

Xmen. Rocked. Enough said. Lots of twists and turns. Characters were great. I can't tell you anything without giving stuff away. But, I think there will be another movie. Don't leave after the credits or you'll miss something big. If you like Hugh Jackman in his wife beater, go check out LabKat's picture.

The DaVinci Code was great. I loved it. Seeing it with a cradle Catholic and I'm a new Catholic gave it some interesting squirms in our seats. I don't see my faith shaken by the film. I loved it - look I said it twice. Great action sequences, Tom Hanks and the French (Thanks to Uzz for telling me I had it wrong) gal were good. It had me guessing who was the bad guy much of the film. A little gory for my taste (and for a PG13 rating, in my opinion), but I highly recommend it. I loved Ian McKellan in this flick, too. He is one of my faves, though. Sparked some great discussions and debates in our car on the way to the coffee shop, where my dear husband promtly beat my ass at Connect Four. *sigh*

I also took the kids to see Over the Hedge. Cute movie making fun of the giant housing developments eating into the countryside.

Get yourselves to the movies this summer. More are coming, too. We have Superman, Cars and Pirates of the Carribean. Woo hoo!


Is it really paranoia if someone is after me?

I'm such a hypochondriac.

It comes from living with one (my bi-polar mom) and from being a kid who did, indeed, have some health problems. After having a rare form of cancer and being told you only have three months to live, my mom freaked if I sniffled.

So, subsequently, I'm very in tune with my body. Maybe TOO in tune.

As I sit here - about three days late and having a severe pain in my lower right side - I'm convinced I must have an ectopic pregnancy or some organ about to explode. Maybe it is internal bleeding. *sigh*

I know it is stupid, but I'm paranoid. Off to take some Alleve, read Angels and Demons and relax. Oh yeah, and have horrible dreams about an ectopic pregnancy. Maybe there will be some hobbits instead.

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day to recognize those who died in service to the country. Remembering those who gave their lives so we could be free means even more today because of the deaths overseas to bring us and others freedom is occurring daily.

I ran across an article about the Iwo Jima flag raising yesterday and it was timely. So, I wanted to share it and some information. I was under the impression that the flag-raising picture was a re-enactment and therefore, I didn't care much for the shot. Then, I was reading an old Reader's Digest and saw that it wasn't a re-eanctment, but actually what happened ws the first shot was of a small flag and the photographer wasn't even sure he got the shot. The famous shot occurred later that day when a grop of Marines brought a bigger flag to be raised and be seen better better. This marine has a good account of it.

So, hang your flag, say some prayers and thank a veteran.

A few thoughts

I know many people will likely disagree with me, but I just wanted to throw something out there.

Blogging folks like me do it for fun. We do it to write something we enjoy writing and maybe meet like-minded people, get some pats on the back, etc. We don't do it for people to be catty, judge us or criticize us. We really don't. I can take a little constructive criticism when it is worded nicely. But, it isn't what I'm here for. If I need to be reprimanded or get a speech on how to live my life, I have parents and a priest whom I can call for that.

I saw another blogger get tired of the crap and quite for TWO whole days. I think the longest I ever quit was one day. But, I digress. You get fed up with people being jerks. My philosophy is if you don't like what I have to say, then don't come back. When I go to a blog that has points of view that make my brain bleed, I run to the nearest X to click out of it and don't ever go back. Simple as that. It isn't really hard. Whenever I do have a brain fart and return, I'm quickly reminded of why I don't want to be there.

Sorry, I'm ranting. I have been working in the yard, cleaning out the garage and keeping myself busy this weekend and when I finally get on the computer, I find several comments on old posts essentially fussing at me for various things. Like I have no life other than to get smacked down by a troll. Thanks folks. Those are the times when I want to have a "by invitation only" blog or to quit doing it altogether.

Ok, enough of the pity party. PMS at work. I need to start soon because all this cleaning has me feeling like I"m nesting and that makes me nervous.


Vote for Kasey

Last year Dale Earnhardt Jr. won and Kasey Kahne made the Top 10. This year, let's vote for Kasey for the Chex Most Popular Driver.

The history of the award is interesting. Go vote for Kasey.

Mommy guilt overdose

PMS is in full swing and I've been on the verge of tears for a few days now. Today, the flood gates opened.

Not only is it my oldest boy's last day of elementary school - with a teacher who helped him "get it" and a team of special teachers who really helped him from dyslexia to speech and everything in between. He worked hard - with his teacher riding his back this last six weeks - and brought his grades up to straight As.

So, I had that on m mind and was fighting back tears.

Then, I find an invitation in Hot Rod's notebook THIS morning that he was getting a special award during an assembly Thursday morning. I didn't even know about it. He showed me his math award last night, but I thought it was one of those that every kid gets for finishing their work or something. Nope, he got it for the whole first grade and I could have been there and I wasn't. I fell apart. With 15 minutes to go before doing a phone interview with a top executive at a company, I was crying so hard I was almost throwing up. I just feel awful.

So, I'm off to get the boy a frame for his award and I'll reward him tonight for it. All the while, kicking myself.

SPF: Auschwitz

It is time again for Random and Odd's Stuff Portrait Friday.

Kristine said "Remind me the next time I get a touch of the depression to watch Shindler’s List or Kramer vs. Kramer. Something that gets me fired up. This weeks SPF is sort of based on Auschwitz. It’s only as hard as you make it."

So, here is the assignment:
1. Your suitcase/s or travel bag.
2. Your ground.
3. Something you are powerless to.

I have lots of various bags that we use, but I picked just one to shoot for this. My mom used this bag for who knows how many years before it became mine when I went to basketball camp in Lindsay, Okla., in the 8th grade. Since then, it has gone with me on pretty much every trip I've ever made. I call it my "overnight bag."

It still has the tag from our cruise in 2000 and a luggage tag from a defunct hotel line, which was one of my favorites.

My ground. This was hard. I couldn't quite decide what to do. So, I picked two things. The first shot is a big piece of brown packing paper that came in a box containing one of Hot Rod's birthday gifts from It was great paper, so I unrolled it and gave Stinkerbelle a bowl full of crayons and voila, the child was entertained for an hour or so. I took the picture from the bottom stair, but I thought the paper and the toys in the background really show where I stand. (or what I step on in the middle of the night)

The second shot is where I like to stand -amidst my gardens. I get such joy from working in the yard. I get that from my parents. They always have the most beautiful yard. Notice the tilted angle again (ala my mom's photography style). It was shot from the driveway, which has an incline. The garden is flat. I got some pentas this week to attract butterfuies and put some color in this garden. I also got a bell pepper, behind my dad's bluebird.

And, when you look closely over the back wing of the bluebird, you can see the hanging basket Army of Dad gave me for mother's day. It is gorgeous.

Lastly, something I am powerless to. I can't capture fear. I don't' want to capture fear, but I can capture love. I am powerless to the fear of losing someone I love. *knocking on wood* I haven't lost anyone really close to me. I lost my grandparents several years ago, but they were declining in health and they were old. I dread the day I lose someone I'm really close to. My parents are getting older and I worry about losing them. As an overprotective mother, I always worry about something happening to my children. I'm powerless to love and fear.

I seldom acknowledge how blessed I am. Did you count your joys today? How about playing SPF? It is fun and free and anyone can do it.


Istanbul = Constantinople

Something about grocery shopping while listening to They Might Be Giants just makes spending money on paper towels, juiceboxes and chips not so bad.

I don't know if it is like this every Thursday morning in Kroger, but if it is, I'll be there every week to shop. They played TMBG, Spandau Ballet, Hall and Oates and even a good dose of 70s Chicago to round it out.

Little Bit didn't appreciate it and told me to stop singing a few times. I didn't think I'd embarrass her till many years down the road.

Barry Bonds in training?

Hot Rod is hitting the 'roids. We figure it is early, but anything worth doing is worth cheating at. Right?


Nope, Hot Rod is hitting the steroids to hopefully FINALLY knock out his cough. It has been there for about two months this time around. After chest xrays Wednesday, we ruled out pneumonia. Doc says it is inflamed para bronchial something. *shrug* He gave him some steroids and said to finish the antibiotic. Hopefully, we'll see some relief soon. Poor little guy.

But, his baseball skills are improving even before the steroids. ;)

My boys are so darn cute.

I love the kick. I always did that when I batted.

There was much debate in our dugout as to whether this was a girl or a boy. The moms all voted girl. I thought it was a boy. Army of Dad said it is definitely a boy. Whatever gender, he was the best player on their team.

These boys are like peas and carrots when it comes to baseball. Very cute. My boy scooping up a grounder.

I really liked this view of the whole field. The boy clobbered the ball on this at bat.

Army of Dad calls that back foot move "squishing the bug." Cracks me up, but it works great for kids to keep their foot on the ground. I love this shot because you see the ball coming off his bat.

He made sure he got that foot on first for the out.

He hangs that tongue out of his mouth when he's concentrating, I've noticed.

He's safe! Not only is he a standout on the field, but he got the math award in his class today. That's my boy, hitting the roids and everything.

Enough said

Staking out targets

I had to take poor Hot Rod to the hospital for x-rays Wednesday. Turns out that he has inflamed bronchial tubes, but not pneumonia. So, he is pumping up the Barry Bonds way. Except we're admitting that he's on steroids.

But, I digress.

I was driving home and each side of the street leading away from the hospital is filled with doctors' offices and outpatient surgery centers. I found it amusing that outside one office sat two vultures atop a light pole. I wonder if they found a likely candidate for dinner.

Granny better start pushing that walker a little quicker or she's on the menu.


Jay Leno: The Next American Idol

Is it just me or is anyone else sick of the American Idol crap, too? My little local concert update email was headlined by the American Idol tour over George Strait, Steely Dan and the EdgeFest concert. Pah-lease.

I've never watched the show outside of the auditions. I paid some attention to the first season because we had two Metroplex finalists on there, but the past couple of ones. Not so much.

And, is it just me or does that one finalist guy resemble Jay Leno? Regardless, even my 11-year-old thinks the guy dances like a dork.


ArmyWifeToddlerMom thought Michael McDonald, but I still think it is Jay Leno. Only reason I know anything about it is because I watch the local Fox morning show and they do updates each week. *shrug* My money is on the chick.

A scary reminder

Each summer, my boys go to daycamp for at least a few weeks. I almost always schedule them on weeks when camp is planning a field trip to a local water park because both of my boys are water babies.

They're going next week when a water park is on the agenda.

Then, I heard the news about a high school senior drowning at one of the water parks that is a favorite of my boys. Oddly enough, I went to this same lake as a kid, too, with school outings. It just makes me really sad and nervous at the same time.

Poor kid and his family. What should have been a joyous week of life transitions turned into a tragedy.

NBA Stud

I want my Mavs to start off with a win tonight. So,the team's biggest stud is a fitting choice today.

So, ladies, here is Dirk Nowitzki.

I wonder what size feet he has? You know what they say, ladies. (psst, not always true - I dated a guy who was 6'5 and trust me, NOT true.)

And, lastly a two for one with Obiwan Ginobli.

So, ladies, there is your foreign fix for the week.


Too disturbing for digital

You guys all know that if my children sneeze and I think it is cute, I will take and post a picture of it.

These things are just too disturbing for pictures.


Stinkerbelle - all three years of age - made her father almost freak out the other day when she did her Chicken Little impersonation. I'm not sure what frightened him more: what the child was doing or the fact that I was non-chalant about it.

Child took off her underwear and was letting toilet paper dangle from her ass while running thruogh the house clucking. Husband looks at me and points. I just shrug and reply, "she's being Chicken Little. That's her tail."

Today, she sprang a new one on me.

She took a wet wipe and stuck it up her nose and said:
"Look mom! I'm an elephant!"

*shaking my head*

Where is that teacher's drug stash?

Very cool animation

If you just need a quick smile, I highly recommend the partially animated juggler over at Mo's.

*doing a curtsy to Mo*

I've got the fever!

Mavs fever!

WOO HOO!!! I even stayed up and watched the whole game. I was going to let the boys stay up, too, but Pickle gave up around the third quarter. Hot Rod, however, managed to stay up for all of it. Being a Spurs fan, he was disappointed with the outcome. But, not me!!!!

WOO HOO!!! Pickle wore this Mavs shirt with the jersey over it today, he was so excited.

Now, we're on to the Mavs-Suns series. I wanna see that hippie Steve Nash cowering in a corner sucking his thumb and crying.

If we win, I'm off to Academy to buy a Western Conference Champion t-shirt.

We lost a great one

Today, we lost one of our most famous Texas leaders - former Sen. Lloyd Bentsen died.

He was a wonderful leader, very clever and, as a Texas democrat, was pretty much on target with many of my beliefs. He is one of the leaders I regret never having interviewed or covered at a political event. I have interviewed and talked to his nephew, Ken Bentsen, and I even asked him about his uncle. How could I not?

Rest in peace, Mr. Bentsen. Texas misses your leadership already.


Lounging by the pool

Saturday evening, I took the kids to see my parents while my honey reffed soccer games. It was a lot of fun.

Nothing like dangling your feet in the water. Check out the death grip Papa has on the girl. He isn't going to let her fall in.

Happy swimming boys. They were thrilled to have their first swim of the year.

Hot Rod discovered the joy of the water jets in the pool.

Then, Christy the hot dog puppy came out and stole the show. Even my mom was in on the lovefest.

The kids were loving the dog.

There are some good things about summer.

Out of this world birthday

Hot Rod's buddy had an alien party complete with flying saucers and little green men.

Apparently you can come up with some scary stuff if you google "alien birthday invitations."

My birthday boy and his friend, whose party we were at.

I got some quality bouncing in, too.

The birthday boy's baby sister and their daddy. She is such a cutie patootey. The kids had fun even though it was getting hot.

Quote of the day

“Under certain circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.” - Mark Twain

Hat tip to my friend, KR, who has utterly deserved to bring forth a cloud of obscenities for some time now.

Field Day Fun in the Sun

On Friday, the kids' school had its annual field day fun day. Last year was the Around the World theme and this year they had Mission Impossible. Fun stuff for them.

First event for the day for first graders was the pour the water on your buddy's head with the idea of filling up the canteen.

Then Hot Rod returned the favor. Fun in the sun, Texas style.

Almost everything involved water in some form or fashion, it seemed.

The funny thing about this bucket race was that they were holding on - in pairs- that bandana in AB's hands. Well, they had to reach in and get a rock out of this bucket of water and then deposit it in the next bucket. The kids could stick their head in, if they wanted, or simply reach in. My child was acting like he was bobbing for apples. He just pulled his head out of the water when AB looked over it and sneezed right in it. I was so grossed out. Pickle's teacher told me later than she dunked his head in the bucket. Great MOT, thanks. I'll be thinking of you when this kid is full of snot this week.

In this shot, if you look closely, you can see Hot Rod dodging the water gun spray. He dodges it one more time before he and his classmates get hosed.

I love the looks on all the kids' faces.

My pretty girl.

Pickle had equally fun stuff including the plunger relays.

Then, there was the most non-PC thing I think I've ever seen at school. This game involved saving the victims of a plane wreck. Swear to God I'm not making it up. The kids had to walk on planks over faux water, then over mountains and fire and then save one victim at a time.

Pickle's teacher offered to light the plane on fire for me when I pointed out to her how crass I thought this relay is/was.

Here are our heroes saving a victim. See the boxes of "fire" ahead of them? *shaking my head*

I had more fun that I could stand after just an hour out there. These kids were out there 2.5 hours. All the kids slept well that night, I'm sure.