Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Hey Nerds, Listen Up

Breaking nerd news: Disney bought Marvel for $4 billion. Wow. That is a power marriage if I've ever seen one.

Here's to You, Al Gore

While driving to the bank today, I saw this truck and had to giggle. I'm a fan of letting people drive what they'd like to drive. I hate the idea that someone is going to make me drive a Prius if I'd rather drive a Toyota Tundra or whatever. And, I'm a bit of a complex creature. While we believe we should be good stewards of the resources God gave us on the earth, I also am not a proponent of carrying things too far. And, I think the carbon footprint stuff is nonsense. Follow sensible things like reducing, re-using and recycling. Don't waste water or really waste anything, for that matter.

And, Sheryl Crow - I'm going to use a giant wad of toilet paper next time I need to wipe my backside. Its not an inconvenient truth at all.

One Ring to Rule Them All

Yep, that's the inscription - one ring to rule them all (if you don't get it, go watch Lord of the Rings) - on the inside of the new wedding band I got for Army of Dad courtesy of Tungsten Wedding Rings.

We selected the 6mm version of the flat step down Tungsten carbide ring. It is beautiful and the thing we are most excited about is the prospect of it not getting all scratched.

You see, my husband plays and coaches sports and works doing a little bit of everything. His job is running a warehouse, but he finds himself driving a fork lift, cutting materials, killing rats, inspecting leaky roofs ... you name it. So, he is a jack of all trades and getting his hands dirty from time to time. So, his lovely gold band is all scratched.

We're hoping this one lives up to the claims of keeping its shine and not scratching. I think we will definitely keep you posted on it. I think it is really lovely. Masculine, yet beautiful.

Blogging Blues

I really do feel pretty guilty. My husband has ceased asking me daily when I'm going to blog again.

I mean "really blog."


I was a prolific blogger. Posting at least every day and sometimes a few times a day. It might be some meaningful insight into life or a news story I stumbled upon and wanted to share my opinion. Heck, it might be the dumbass who cut me off that inspired the tirade.

But, lately, it just doesn't seem to be there. I found Facebook and something I really like about it is the instant feedback. People actually comment on there. Wow. What a concept. Here, I just get hateful remarks about my fat ass or whiny nature (for the most part) and an occasional kudos.

So, it just seems like Facebook has taken over the time I spent blogging. I'm all about instant gratification, you know.

But, I'm going to try. Hubby and I will be out of pocket for our much belated 10th anniversary getaway this coming weekend and I'm too cheap to splurge on Internet access. So, it figures that I try to make an effort to blog again only to be foiled by the cash-strapped wallet in my purse.

And, adding to the woes of blogging, behold the CNN story about yet another blogger who was dooced. So sad. I've seen it happen to a few people I know. Being self-employed, it isn't likely to happen to me, but I watched Kim DuToit (of A Nation of Riflemen) lose investors for a big project he was going to do because of his blog. So, I know it can happen. I've lost friends over differences in opinions that couldn't be reconciled - and it all started from the blog.

So, *taking a deep breath* I'm not going public with our identities. Hell, most of ya'll know who I'm am. I met one reader at kindergarten round-up at my school. That was weird to have someone walk up and say "Hey, you're Army of Mom, aren't you?" and I met another fella who said he was meeting me from Army of Mom and didn't realize it was me. :) That was my favorite, I think. He thought AoM had connected us professionally and didn't realize I was, indeed, AoM in the flesh.

So, anyway ... I'll do my best to start blogging again with regularity. I'm looking for my millionth hit. I need to see how far away I am from that. Not blogging will hurt, but I'll work at it.

p.s. Stupid Blogger is taking forever to post pics, too. Another reason why I get disgusted and just stop trying .... ARGH. I know the service is free, but damn.

UPDATE: I'm at 1.9 million hits. Damn! So, I only need about 40,000 more hits to be at 2 million. WOW!


Back to School Blues

This evening, Hot Rod got to meet his fifth-grade teacher. She's got to be cool, right? She has her nose pierced.
And, Little Bit's teacher is adorable and bubbly. And, she has her calm, collected attitude despite her youthful appearance. Looks like Little Bit has a classmate with a transgendered parent. And, First Grade Teacher handled the talks with grace. No fumbling, just very matter of fact. I think my eyeballs might have bugged out of my head had it been me. Although, it looks like I'll be the room mom again. So, me and the transgendered "mom" may be planning parties together. Super. Not that there's anything wrong with it.
And, I caught Pickle dashing away from the minivan this morning as he approached the high school for freshman orientation day. I think he liked school. Only complaint was about lunch being brief with long lines to get food.
Here is a big smile captured by the cell phone camera while approaching the high school drop-off point. If we can survive the drop-off and pick-ups tomorrow, we'll be doing well. Parents turn into slobbering idiots when it comes to the first week of school and the routine. *sigh*

Is it the same?

My eldest son starts high school today. For me, at least, it is as bad or worse than it was taking him to school on the first day of kindergarten.

He is oblivious and I'm trying to hide the eye twitch from him.

And, tomorrow will be worse. Today its just the freshmen going to school to learn how to find classes and where to go, etc. *sigh*

I may need to dig out the Xanax before this week is over.


Fantasy Football Season is Here

With pictures like this, Fantasy Football takes on a whole new meaning.


The Legend of Zelda

Pickle got to try out his new Link costume today at the local comic-con. He was very excited. My dad made the shield for him and Pickle painted it himself.
He got a bonus when the cute chick asked him to take a picture with her.
And, don't worry. He was in no danger from the zombies. They only eat brains.

Day 1 Bridge Race

We participated in the Lake Lewisville Toll Bridge walk on Aug. 1. The bridge opened that day, but was open for the first and only time to pedestrian traffic to inaugurate it. The walk was delayed because of rain, so it was humid and sticky. But, still fun.

It was a pretty large number of people there, too, as you can see in front of Hot Rod.
But, even with all the people, we ran into some of our friends. This is my friend and her son.
And a family pic at the midway point of the bridge.
And, a pirate sailboat floating by.
Here we are at the midway point.
And, I think this was closer to the start. You can tell by the kids' expressions. Less tired. :)


Moving On Up

Little Bit earned her advanced blue belt Tuesday night. She's so exciting to keep working her way up in American karate. I like the fact that she can kick all the little boys' asses. That will come in handy as she gets cuter and cuter. Already the little boys love her. I mean, who wouldn't? She's rough and tumble AND cute. :)


Is Monday over yet?

Today has been a really rough day for many reasons. The loss of the sweet dog was just one of the many things that stressed me today. Five more minutes and I'll be glad when this day is over.

It probably doesn't help that I'm listening to melancholy music. Tunes like Constant Craving and You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This. Just fairly sad tunes.

RIP Patches

This is Patches, the dog we got when Hot Rod was just a few weeks old more than 10 years ago. I love this picture, the last one I took of her on July 6. She still had some energy then. Little Bit was playing with the water hose and that was Patches' favorite thing. To get squirted with the hose. She'd jump and try to snap at the water in the air and revel in the falling droplets of water on her fur and skin. She was most alive in those moments.
Unfortunately, the last few months, she started dropping weight and stopped eating. We knew she was dying, but she still seemed so alive and full of happiness. Yesterday, apparently, she took a turn for the worst. Today, my dad went down to the vet's office and asked him to come look at her. The vet said she likely had heart worms or cancer and he put her down for daddy. He couldn't bring himself to put her out of her misery. It broke his heart. He took her for us probably nine years ago. She was bored and gnawing on the siding of our house and it was more than I could take. He loved her and gave her a home with her pen-mate, 99. Little Bit considered Patches her dog and 99 was Hot Rod's dog. Poor Little Bit sobbed and sobbed when we told her. I have been teary-eyed much of the day. My mom called me this morning to warn me that today was probably the day.
Army of Dad fussed at me to blog since we've had so much fun stuff going on recently. But, I've been having more fun living the fun stuff than blogging it. I don't know. Anyway. It is a sad night in our home.


Seduced by the Dork Side

Yep. My mother-in-law and myself were captured by the Storm Troopers. And, you can tell just how frightened we were by the looks on our faces. :) We went to the Improv in Addison last week for a Comedy from the Dork Side show. We had a great time. The headliner didn't riff on dork jokes, so he was only so-so, but the opening comedians were great and very entertaining. I know everyone will be shocked, but it was our table that tended to be the audience participation. My MIL may - in fact - be louder and more assertive than I am. I know, its shocking.
My MIL was called both a MILF and a GILF by "Steve Awesome" during his act. You may recognize this guy from a picture I had taken at a sci-fi con a year or two ago. :) That was how I learned about the Dork Side comedy shows. He was, er, uh, "happy" to see my MIL ... as the lightsaber clearly indicates. I thought Army of Dad may crawl under a rock at one point during the show. Thankfully, he didn't see this photo opp.