Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.



I think this squirrel is living in the tree in my back yard. I have the most hopped up squirrel back there. He's fearless, too. He scared the crap out of me the other day. He was pissed off because JoJo the cat from next door was lounging in the yard, so Twitchy starts fussing and clicking and going on and on and on like my mom on one of her upswings back in her manic days. So, I go out there to run him off. Damn squirrel sits on the tree branch cussing me and never moving a muscle. Psycho squirrel.



I'm often amused at what makes people thinkg about me. My friend, Kelvinator, said she thought of me when she saw this. You can find some very cool jackolantern patterns as Better Homes and Gardens.


Sunday night sillies

Its always easy to tell when I've been up too long. I get really goofy. Ok, goofier than normal.

I put on earbuds and listen to YouTube (it's the poor gal's Ipod - its just a bitch to try to take jogging with you *cracking myself up*).

See what I mean?

Occasionally, I remove the earbuds and ask Army of Dad what he thinks? He doesn't get 80s music. Of course, he was a pre-schooler in the 80s. There are drawbacks to marrying a boytoy.

With the earbuds out, I can hear Iron Chef: America (or whatever it is called) and they're describing what is in some dish. All I can think is "You had me at bacon." Yep.

Speaking of, the State Fair of Texas is going on (not that I've been since I was in high school) but they have chicken fried bacon this year. That just sounds so incredibly tasty. Of course, since I have no gallbladder, Army of Dad joked that I'd have to eat it while standing in line for the restroom so I'll be ready to go as soon as the tasty delight gets ingested. Yep, I can feel the intestinal pain now. But, it would be so worth it.

Throw your trolls out the door

I can't get there from here. Yep that about sums it up.

*I was an REM kind of gal in high school and college. Spending the evening writing up stories and got on an REM kick. Slipped the earbuds in and flashed back to the 80s. From Pretty Persuasion to Driver 8 and 7 Chinese Brothers ... can't go wrong with REM. You gotta love the lyrics:

when the world is a monster, bad to swallow you whole


The more things change ...

25 years ago:

Army of Mom as a teenager: *blaring INXS from the stereo*

Army of Mom: *blaring Chevelle from the laptop*
Little Bit: Mom, can you turn that down, I can hear it in the other room!


Army of Mom Theme Song

Yep. Pretty much sums it up.


Really Important Stuff

You know, I'm a sports fan and all ... but sometimes I wanna pull a Ralph Kramden:
"One of these days … one of these days … POW, right in the kisser!"

Clues. I try to drop clues routinely (women, please note that men typically don't take clues well). Mine got this one. It's 11:15 at night. I'm out of the shower and in my robe. I pull up YouTube and crank up some Nine Inch Nails.

Army of Dad: Can we wait a few minutes? This game is really good.
Army of Mom: *turning to TV* USC and Oregon?
Army of Dad: Yeah.
Army of Mom: Well, as long as its really important to you.
Army of Dad: Wow! Did you see that? There's life in this game!

*grabbing my newest read - Brisingr - and heading to bed. Thanks to Old Man Rufus for my new book. Can't wait to see how Eragon and Roran get out of their mess and defeat Galbatorix.

Fall Ball Returns

This year, we've moved up to 'kid pitch' baseball. It is a whole new sort of baseball for the boys without coaches on the field, no rover in outfield. Real baseball now. That is Hot Rod playing first base. The coach has pretty much had him play there an nowhere else. Hot Rod was complaining tonight about it tonight to us, but we tried to explain that it is where all the action is - and it has been. *shrug* Can't tell that to a fourth-grader, though. Ok, the best part about this video. Watch the boys in the dugout. First, you get the kid who tries to swing on the fence and falls. Then, a teammate comes over and slings him into the fence a few times. Totally scary.

And, Hot Rod wonders why coach has him play first base. Cuz you're a stud, kiddo. You're a stud. He was 1 for 3 tonight with a single, but he got on base a second time for a dropped third strike. Had an RBI, too.

I *heart* NY

Make that CSI:NY. There is a marathon going on Spike. Of course, it isn't helping me get anything done. I like the show anyway. But, it is soooooo easy on the eyes.
Yeah. Really easy on the eyes.
You get a little of everything. We have the hunky cop guy. The brainy former ME turned investigator. Then we have the sort of badass guy with the accent.
Then, we have Gary Sinise as Mac Taylor. Yesssss, My Precious. Yep. Its gonna be hard to get my work done today with CSI:NY on all day.

Friends and family of AoM: Beware

If you listen to Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Florida), then my Jewish sister- and brother-in-law (the Godparents of my baby girl) as well as my African-American buddies - you all better just get ready to head for the hills when Army of Dad and I come around.

Just check out the idiocy of Hastings:
"If Sarah Palin isn’t enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention," said Hastings. "Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through."

Uh, yeah. My husband cleans his own critters when he shoots them. I have a gun, too. Yep, you Jews and blacks better just beware of people like us. What a joke. What is really frightening is that he got applause and laughter after that comment. WTF?

'Cuz according to Hastings, Sarah Palin is an "extremely conservative woman who is out of touch with mainstream America." Uh, ok. She's in touch with me and a large number of people I know and not just because she's attractive. How is she out of touch according to this man?

"Just like Jews, blacks care about affordable health care, energy independence, and the separation of church and state," said Hastings. "And just like blacks, Jews care about equal pay for equal work, investment in alternative energy, and a woman's right to choose."

Ok, let me address those:
Affordable health care - how does she oppose this? Because she doesn't want socialized medicine where people where people die waiting for treatment.
Energy independence? How can she NOT be for this when it is the Dems who won't allow us to drill in ANWAR or off shore? Please.
Separation of church and state: what? What did she do/say?
Equal pay/equal work: again, WTF?
Alternative energy investments: I believe McCain has said he is for exploring nuclear energy as well as wind, hydro and solar. Don't know why she'd say something different.
Woman's right to choose: ok, here he is actually on target. I believe Palin is pro-life. Doesn't mean that she's against Jews and blacks in that regard. Apparently, Hastings must think that blacks and Jews are big on abortions? Not sure what else that would imply. And, being pro-life doesn't mean that she wants to outlaw abortions. I'm pretty sure she and McCain support giving the right to determine the legality of abortions to the states as it is SHOULD NOT be a federal "right" to kill unborn babies. Allow it to be a state issue, where it belongs. If you live in New York and you want to kill babies in utero, then it is that state's right to make it legal. If you live in Texas, where most people believe babies' lives are as valuable as anyone else's, then your state can opt not to make it legal. *shrug* Seems pretty simple to me.

But again, I just want to make all my Jewish and African American friends and family (yes, I have family that are both!) aware ... to be cautious around us. We're scary people according to Rep. Hastings.


Afternoon Delight

There are some benefits to an unemployed husband and the baby starting school.

Help Wanted

Between phone interviews and writing, I peruse the want ads for me and Army of Dad. Today I saw a "product manager" listing on Craigslist and checked it out - since that was one of his job titles in a previous job - and this is the job listing:

Activities and Responsibilities:
- Household & personal shopping (grocery, small & large purchases)
- Pay bills online & via mail
- Do small to large organizational projects
- Create & manage household calendar
- Shop for clothes for daughter & help design/decorate her room
- Take in / pick up dry cleaning & laundry
- Conduct internet research for family/home items, activities, vacations
- Infrequent, but occasional babysitting
- Vehicle maintenance
- Assist with planning of small parties & medium scale events
- Purchase gifts for relatives, friends & playmates
- Maintain list of potential activities for playdates
- Help schedule & coordinate learning & playdate activities
- Print & digital photo archiving & framing
- Occasionally work with daughter on homework assignments
- Provide occasional transportation for daughter to activities

Location: Dallas
Compensation: $31,596 - $92,927
This is a part-time job.

Hey, I think Army of Dad is looking to replace me and pay someone better for only doing it part time. Hmm.


Down in the Dumps

I can't adequately convey my sadness right now. I really can't. It is hard to believe that I'm at a loss for words. That seldom happens.

I turn 40 on Nov. 7. Big deal. I haven't really cared that much. (Ok, that's a lie, but it sounds good to say out loud.) The one thing that has made 40 seem so exciting to me is that Army of Dad and I were going on a cruise to Cozumel. We went to a resort property sales-pitch and got the cruise tickets.

They told us to pick two dates. We did that. Didn't get our first choice, so I assumed our second choice - the day before my birthday - was set in stone. Apparently not. It is about 45 days before departure now, so I called the ticketing agency since we should get tickets 45-60 days before the cruise leaves. Nope. All the cheap tickets are gone. If we wanted to crap up $188 per person, we could upgrade because they have the fancy cabins still available. *sigh* With an unemployed husband, that isn't real likely to happen.

So, there went my 40th birthday at sea. *Poof* Gone.

Maybe we go Dec. 4 or Jan. 15. Those were the next days we chose. At least they're going to extend the offer and give us the cruise. It will still be fun and exciting and maybe by then we'll have more spending money.

For now, I'm about as low as I've been in a long time. Just seems like the last straw in a string of crappy things to happen to us. I'm about to lose my Susie Sunshine attitude where I talk about how love and good health, etc etc makes our situation bearable. BS. Stuff sucks right now.

Give 'em a vote

I don't know anything about this organization other than I got a request for clicks on a site and I think it can't hurt to let you know about it.

International Medical Corps, was nominated to be one of the Top 25 in American Express' Members Projects, "Saving the Lives of Malnourished Children." The project was chosen out of 1,190 projects and is now eligible to receive up to $1.5 million to help feed hungry children, but the voting ends next Tuesday and we need your help to spread the word. A blogger friendly web release explains everything.


War loss

I was saddened last week about the helicopter crash in Iraq that left seven dead. When I heard it was filled with military from Texas and Oklahoma, it seemed a little too close to home. Then I heard today about the loss of Warrant Officer Corry Edwards from my hometown of Kennedale.

My best friend growing up still lives there and her kids go to Kennedale schools. The news said the soldier was 37/38 (I've heard both ages). That is really close to my age, so I called my friend to see if she knew him or his family. Turns out his wife is the PTA president where my friend's youngest child goes to school. My friend knew her from school, but no more than a passing hello.

But, it hits all of us very close to home. He leaves a wife and two children. Not to mention his parents. God love 'em all. He gave the greatest sacrifice for his country. I know it made me feel petty for being angry at my husband and frustrated with my life. I may be going over a speed bump in life, but my family is intact and I feel blessed for that. I'll pray for the Edwards family tonight. I know they're going to need it.

Ike Still Sucks

Emailed my brother this morning to see how he's doing. His response was pretty dismal. Now, he does have a Droopy Dog kind of outlook on life, but still.

"Houston won't be back to normal for ages. I've been doing some volunteering and there are neighborhoods that look like they were bombed out. Nearly a million people still don't have power. You can barely drive down residential streets because of the piles of tree limbs, fencing, and shingles on the curbs. I'm still waiting to be called back to work. About half of the schools in my district have either no power or enough damage that they can't be used yet."

Damn. He lives in the 'burbs about a half-hour south of downtown Houston and about a half-hour north of Galveston Island.

I'm writing articles on Ike aftermath relating to commercial real estate and construction and those outlooks are even sadder. Estimates on damages as a result are upwards of $10 billion according to a risk adjustment company based out of Boston. I know Galveston Island, alone, had more than $2.2 billion in projects either recently completed or still in the works. Luxury condos on the coast, etc. I'm really curious how it will all play out. I still can't get a phone call through to anyone in Galveston. I've been lucky to reach Houston folks and they've all said they were up to their eyeballs in repairs.

From Young to Old

I'm now the old mom at school. My friend and I have discussed this. With our oldest children, we're the 'young' mom. Now, with our "babies" we are the old moms.

I encountered this today at school for a volunteer orientation meeting. All the other kindergarten room moms are these young 20-somethings. I'm the approaching-40 mom. *sigh*

But, I was one of the skinnier moms. So, that is something to be grateful for. I also didn't have to tow little children with me, which is nice.

I don't know what is up with me. I give up the soccer team mom thing and take up a committee spot at the middle school for PTA and room mom duties for both little kids. What was I thinking?


My Birthday Wish

I was surfing around and found this by accident. But, I swear to all that is good, THIS is what I want for my birthday. Of course, after they're through cleaning ... they have to stay for a while for some, uh, er, refreshments. Yeah, that's it. Gotta show my appreciation for cleaning so quickly and efficiently.

Who needs house elves (ala Dobby) when you have big hulky men in BDUs cleaning. Wow. Now THAT is my fantasy.

You don't say?

Leave it to the cops to find crack in man's ass ... and leave it to the TV news media to make it a headline. Psst, for the blondes out there, get it? Crack? Ass? Now THAT is funny.

Some People

I had vowed to myself after the last presidential election that I wouldn't get all tangled up on my blog with politics. No sirree. I was going to just keep on posting funny mom stories. Anecdotes about watching birds do it in the road (and the sick little fowl folks who flitted around and watched it) ... you know, that sort of thing.

In typical election year rhetoric, I changed my mind. I'm a big old giant flip-flopper.

Today, Army of Dad sees this. Now, I'm all about sick and twisted humor. I like South Park and walk around singing the Timmy song and even the Mr. Hankey song. So, it isn't that I'm a totally uptight about off-color humor. But, then, there is a point where some things just aren't funny. Doesn't have anything to do with my political leanings.

This scuzzy POS comedian has determined that Sarah Palin's daughter is somehow being forced to keep her baby when she doesn't want it. POS comedian is raising money toward an abortion and made a contribution to what is probably one of the most offensive organizations I can imagine - a group that funds abortions for women. I would love to know what he is basing the assumption on that the Palin girl doesn't want her baby. I grew up in a small town (mine in Texas) where there were plenty of knocked up teenagers walking the halls of KHS (ok waddling at some point) and I know of girls who had abortions, too. Not one of them joyfully recalls their abortions. They all regret them terribly and have told me so. Teenage pregnancy is not the ideal way to begin your adult life, but it is also not the end of the world when you have a supportive family, friends and community. I believe it was Hillary Clinton who coined the phrase that "it takes a village to raise a child" and I tend to agree with that concept in large part.

I could go on and on, but this was just so disgusting that I couldn't ignore it. Of course, I'm sure someone is going to roll his/her eyes at me and say, he was just trying to be funny. If so, he fell really short. I'll take the Blue Collar Comedy Tour or Kathy Griffin over that any day.


TO, Romo and Jones, Oh My!

*deep sigh*

My fantasy football team sucks. I mean REALLY sucks. I am guessing House of Swank can hear the suck all the way to Seattle. I think my crappy team maybe scored 68 points last week and I have LT. Oooh, I thought, I have one of the best running backs in the NFL. Damn toe injury. I kid you not. His toe. Suck it up and earn your money. Try being a SAHM on crutches like I was this summer (without missing a beat, thank you very much) and then tell me that you can't run 100 yards to score a TD with a sore toe.

On the upside, my Cowboys are kicking ass and taking names. I guess I'll take 0-2 in my fantasy league to be 2-0 in the NFL East.

On another sports note, I was saddened to see what had been one of my favorite Mavericks disrespecting our national anthem. Josh Howard made some dumbass comment about how he doesn't "celebrate that shit because I'm black." WTF? He lives in one of the best countries in the world. I'd like to see him accomplish all he has as a black man in another part of the world. He'd be hard-pressed to be living the good life he has in many parts of the world. I'm so disappointed. If you choose not to honor our national anthem, I think you're a douchebag, BUT, I will respect your choice to quietly stand off to the side. But, to rag on the nation that has afforded you so many opportunities, shame on you, Josh. I, for one, won't be cheering for you this year. So, go grab your weed and toke it up like a 16-year-old. I could go on and on. If I had his talent, I'd be thanking God and treating my body like a temple. Not ragging my country and polluting my body.

*putting away soapbox and returning to work*


Agree to disagree

As a member of the Fourth Estate, most of my friends are card-carrying Dems. I was once.

We have - for the most part - agreed to disagree when it comes to politics. The things I love about my friends - their passion for things - are the same things that make me dizzy about them come presidential election years.

They think I'm stupid and I have to say, I honestly can't quite wrap my mind around their beliefs when election time rolls around. I would just rather not talk about it all. I try to just tune stuff out because it really does make my stomach turn.

Then, there comes the well meaning emails from acquaintances sharing with me all about their beliefs on the candidates. I hate that people just assume I'm going to share their beliefs because I'm a journalist.

ARGH! *head exploding* It is just too much for me.

And, trolls, don't even bother. You're going to get deleted. My friends? They and I agree to disagree. Don't call me a wingnut and I won't call you a moonbat. Deal?


This is how I feel today.

Sometimes, I feel the fear of,
uncertainty stinging clear.
And I can't help but ask
myself how much I'll let the fear
take the wheel and steer.

It's driven me before, and it seems to a faint,
haunting mass appeal.
But lately I, am beginning to find that I,
should be the one behind the wheel.

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there,
with open arms and open eyes, yeah.
Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there,
I'll be there....


Why so serious?

Anime Fest always lends itself to unusual costumed characters. My favorite -by far - was The Joker. This guy was - to quote one of my favorite movies - fucking scary. My buddy was genuinely freaked when he grabbed me and contorted my face. I was strangely aroused. :)
The kitty ears belonged to one of the girls, but it just seemed like the thing to do at the time.
A white Zoe and Mal. I loved seeing them, though. Shiny, Cap'n.
And, a penguin. I love penguins!

The Funky Chicken

My cell phone died today, but thankfully my bestest buddy gave me an old Blackberry that her kid wasn't using. So, now I have a "new to me" cell phone. Well, I need to get some ringtones for the phone. I'm stuck between the adult ones I'd like to have like "crazy bitch" by Buck Cherry and the kiddo songs like the Veggie Tales "Pirates who Don't do anything" and this one. You really can get "Do the Funky Chicken" by Rufus Thomas. Swear to the Good Lord above. I may have to get it for grins.

Ike Updates from Houston

From the depths of humidity and the aftermath of Ike:

El Capitan texted me later Saturday afternoon:
Lots of tree limbs down and no power but no real damage!

Today, he texted:
Almost back to normal here. Power & water are on but no phone or cable or cell voice service. Running low on poptarts and beer!

From my brother in Webster:
Got the boys now. I went on an ice hunt for (my SIL, his ex) w success. on vacation for a few days.

From my sister-in-law in Friendswood:
Doing fine. In line to gas friend's generator hooked ot my freezer. Cooking on my grill. Kids are at your brother's w-AC.


Furry Happy Monsters

Gees, you gotta love Michael Stipe and REM for this one. I'm about to doze off writing about the pros and cons of organic plants, bulbs, seeds and vegetables. Speaking of vegetables ... my brain is frozen. Army of Dad made me coffee, but it isn't kicking in yet. Needed something to perk me up. He suggested Shiny Happy People. Found this instead. Even better.

More Fun at Anime Fest

My buddy and Pac Man. Finally, a character she knew. :)
Characters I know - Link and the Star Trek folks.
Not sure what this dude with Aunt Jemima on his shirt and underwear over his jeans. He's holding syrup and on the back of his shirt, it says Pancakes Save Lives.
Not sure whe they are. But, they were a good looking couple.

My friend's girls and some furry dude.
These folks had to explain it to me, but they're trying to be the Family Guy characters.
Emo Kids. Uh, yeah.
Goth Girl and the creepy dolls. These little dolls were everywhere. You could customize them however you wanted to with clothes, hair, etc. They scared me. I could just see 'em coming to life and strangling me in my sleep. *shuddering* This girl let me hold hers (hoped it would help me get past the freakiness about them). It was really heavy. So weird.
And, these were dressed up like some anime show characters. *shuddering*
Someone said this girl is from Final Fantasy. I'm sure 'fantasy' has something in there at Anime Fest and this girl.

Eight Eight I Forget What Eight Was For

I can't listen to this song without thinking about dancing around my apartment in college cranking this up REALLY loud. I would also listen to it (in my headphones of course) while studying at the library. I listened to this, Shellyann Orphan then The Judybats later on. I have to credit Uzz for the unusual music. He had me hooked.


We Like Ike NOT

We are a weather-watching family. My 9-year-old wants to be a weatherman when he grows up. As for me and Army of Dad, we know the deadly force weather can be, so we always take it seriously. We don't want to be a casualty to weather because we were ignorant of the dangers or unprepared. We started preparing for the tropical storm remnants projected to make their way to the DFW area.

This morning I sent texts to my brother, my sister-in-law (brother's ex), my college roomie and El Capitan from Baboon Pirates. Haven't heard back from Cap.

Texts from Houston:

My brother who lives in Webster:
I am (fine). I haven't talked to (ex-wife) this morning but they were in a risk area at (former MIL's). I actually still have power but no water. My car is still ok 2.

My college roomie:
We are fine, no major damage, but its too early to go outside and check it all out

My sister-in-law:
Watched transformer behind next house catch fire & blow up when wind began. Mostly leaves & branches down at mom's. Can't go home til flood water down there.

My brother in response to me forwarding him text from his ex:
Oh yes. My apt complex has only a few (transformers) in standing (water) on the grounds.

Still nothing in our part of North Texas but cooler winds with high humidity and some sprinkles. It isn't set to start raining and blowing here for a few hours.


Happy Birthday Pickle

Fourteen today.

That's hard to believe. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.



I think my almost 14-year-old summed up Sept. 11, 2001, better than anyone else.

Pickle: It was the worst day in America ever.

Today, let's remember 8-year-old Zoe Falkenberg who died on American Airlines Flight 77, along with her parents, Charles Falkenberg and Leslie Whittington, and her 3-year-old sister, Dana. Their flight careened into the Pentagon.

It seems like each year I'm not sure what to say when I sit down at the computer. I want so badly to forget that day, but I can't. It is burned in my brain. And, each year, I'm amazed at how easily the memories come rushing back and, once again, my eyes are brimming with tears remembering the shock of sitting in front of the TV and watching it all unfold. The following days of wondering what was going to happen next. Looking over my shoulder, keeping my children a little tighter to me. Reassuring my children that I'd do everything I could to keep them safe, knowing that I may not be able to fulfill my promise.

Never forget.

Update: Talking to the little ones on the way to school this morning and reminding them about 9/11 and why it is an important date to remember. Hot Rod told Sister that some bad men flew airplanes into some buildings.

Hot Rod: But, why did they do that?
AoM: To kill people.
Hot Rod: But, they destroyed their planes?
AoM: They stole the planes and they didn't care.
Hot Rod: But, didn't the people flying the planes die, too?
AoM: Yes.
Little Bit: But, if God made all people, how can they be bad?
AoM: Yes, God made all people, but he gives us the ability to make choices. They chose to be bad.
Little Bit: But, why would anyone want to be bad and kill people?
Hot Rod: They say they're doing it for God.
Little Bit: *recoiling in horror*
AoM: They think they're doing it for God, but God doesn't want us to kill each other for Him.

Later, on the way to taking Pickle to the middle school, he told me that he is very glad his birthday is tomorrow and not today. It would be a crummy day to celebrate your birthday, he said. Yep, that is one of the first things Army of Dad said to me when we realized we were under attack. I'm glad Pickle's birthday isn't marred by this forever.

Small World

This summer, when we met the young man who was going to take over and coach Hot Rod's soccer team, I giggled to myself when I heard his last name. Funny that our coach has the same last name as one of the players on the U.S. men's national team (and on one of the English Premier League teams). I just chuckled and didn't think about it again.

Until tonight.

We were watching the World Cup qualifier and I looked at Army of Dad and said, WOW, doesn't he look like Coach? They have the same last name and didn't he (the US team member) play around here?

Well, I'll be damned. Did a Google search and sure enough, he's the US men's team player's little brother. What are the odds? My son went from being coached by a guy who played on the US men's team (and played in World Cup matches years ago) to playing for this coach who has some good genes and likely a good teacher in his big brother.

I love it. Plus, while Hot Rod's team disbanded for the fall - they kept losing kids to other teams and sports - he will be training one-on-one with this coach. I was pretty excited about it anyway, but even more so knowing that my first inkling at his lineage was actually correct.

Some People Call Me the Space Cowboy

Army of Dad is at his job interview right now, so I put on the Urge Radio (on our Verizon cable) to the "i love the 70s" channel. This came on and I couldn't help but smile.

I've been called a bit of everything including a joker. :)

Scheduling flu shots for the family. Yippee. My kids will be thrilled, I'm sure.


My feelings about the presidential election

Yeah, this about sums it up. I hate presidential elections. I really do.

*first one to complain leaves with a blood stain*

Maybe I need to adopt that policy in my kitchen at supper time.

Two Hearts Beat As One

Always one of my favorite U2 songs. Army of Dad brought me some flowers today and thanked me for supporting him, helping him and keeping my chin up through the unemployment hell. *shrug* Its my job. But, it is still nice to get the thank you and the pretty flowers on my desk.

Army of Dad has a job interview in the morning. Prayers, good wishes and (as Labkat so appropriately described it) pixie dust would all be appreciated.

We've talked about it at length - God has HIS own timing and it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with what we want. I've always felt that He has a plan for us and we just have to be patient and learn from our experiences. So, maybe, He is ready for us now. :)


Speed Racer AKA Studboy

My son was quite the studmuffin at Anime Fest with random (and really cute, I must add) girls walking up and wanting to have a picture taken with him. Like this girl. She's adorable. No clue what character she is supposed to be, but she's cute as all get out.
Then, there were these girls/women. They just ran up and the girl in the black and white squeezed him so hard he couldn't stand up straight. Note the weird posture.
They had good legs, I noticed. Here they're having their picture taken with him on their camera.

Then, there was the harem. These are all the girls that came with my buddy. Her daughter is the one in the center back with the cat ears. She'll be at UNT here with me next year. Bwahahaha!

Play by Play for FIL

Army of Dad's father is in Malaysia right now for work. So, no Vikings football for him. We're using the Google email chat feature and I'm giving him updates.

AoM: damn ... AP just pushed Al Harris down like a schoolyard bully! sat him on his bitch ass!!!!AP is taking it down the field
FIL: is that you AoM or AoD?

LOL ... I don't think he fully grasps my love of football. Big hits are big hits despite the team. I'm waiting for Darren Sharper to lay someone out. BOOM!

For my DFW readers

In case you didn't know, Albertson's grocery stores are offering 10 percent off your total sale when you wear your Cowboys gear to the store on game day. I did it Sunday with a basket full of buy one get one free items and I still got 10 percent off the total amount. Only $3.40 off my bill, but hey, that was like getting the two bottles of steak sauce for free. Give it a try.

Rivalry Education

Silly me. I never knew the rivalries outside of my own little sports world until I met Army of Dad.

One of the first times he came to the house, I was wearing a Florida State Seminoles shirt. I really liked that shirt. The fabric was really soft and I loved the maroon color. I had no clue what mascot it was. My mom and dad got it for me.

Then, I met Army of Dad. He looked like he smelled something bad when I opened the door to my apartment and greeted him while wearing it. I believe he said something about screwing me while wearing it would be appropriate or something to that effect. He's a die-hard Gators fan. Enuff said.

The next time I learned about the rivalry thing came when I was going through a bag of hand-me-down clothes from my next door neighbor (who is from Wisconsin - this is important to the story.) Well, my husband and his offspring are Vikings fans. *see where this is going?* I'm going through the bag of clothes when I come upon a really nice Green Bay Packers hoodie. I've been a Favre fan since he came out way back when. So, I was excited about this nice sweatshirt and go to show Army of Dad.

AoD: What is that?
AoM: A sweatshirt from M. for Hot Rod. Its really nice isn't it?
AoD: Its a Packers sweatshirt.
AoM: *puzzled* Uh, yeah. It is really nice.
AoD: Are you joking?
AoM: *giving him that lost quizzical puppy head cock*
AoD: The Green Bay Packers are the Minnesota Vikings' arch-rival.
AoM: *dejectedly putting the sweatshirt in the reject bag and sighing*

Yeah, going to be a loud night in the Army of Mom household tonight with the Vikes taking on the Favre-less Packers.

One of those days

I think this song pretty much says it all for the past few months. I have up days, down days and some in between. Today, I have five stories due. Then, I have another five due on Wednesday and one on Friday. ARGH! I'm glad to have the work, but after Friday, I don't have anything in the can. So, that makes me nervous.

Yeah, I like this song.

P.S. Not a work friendly or family friendly song to listen to.


TMI and Bad Timing

Ok, this is most definitely TMI. So sorry.

I seldom have sex dreams that ever reach, uh, er, fruition. I almost always wake up before something good happens. Now, I have had disturbingly erotic dreams about Kelsey Grammar, Robin Williams, Pippin (the hobbit version of Billy Boyd) and Kasey Kahne (he wasn't good in my dream, by the way.) My first was about David Lee Roth. He would have loved doing the college girl version of me with a big bow in my hair, I'm thinking. But, I digress.

This morning, I'm happily in mid-dream with Jeff Gordon handcuffed to a headboard. I'm getting to the good part of getting him undressed when I hear CREAAAAAAK and then:

Hot Rod: MOM! MOM! My soccer game starts at 8:24!!!!!!!!
AoM: *sleepily and grumpily* No it doesn't. They moved it to 11:12.

In my mind I'm thinking AAAAAARRRGGGGHHHH because I'm never getting back in bed with Jeff Gordon again.

Drats. Foiled again. Cockblocked, so to speak, by my offspring.

Tiny Dancer

Today Little Bit was selected to be one of the "Baby Buffoons" for the Festival Ballet's annual Nutcracker. This year will be its 20th year of performing here. It is very exciting as the ballet brings in some of the top ballerinas from Russia and around the world to perform in it.

While this isn't the local performance, it is an example of her crowning achievement. *insert giggle here* She'll be one of the little girls to hop out from under Mother Ginger aka Mother Buffoon toward the end of Act II.

We have to sign her contract *ooh, so formal* Sunday afternoon. I hope to find out when she'll be performing so we can fill the seats with a Little Bit cheering section. I did dissuade her from wearing this hideous tutu for the audition today. Thank the Lord. It is so ugly, but she loves it. I convinced her to wear her more sedate and tasteful small ballerina tutu.

She was so excited. She called her Granny and Papa and said "I got picked and I'm going to be on stage in front of allllllll those people!" Its official, I'm a stage mom.


Fantasy Football

Oooh, I got Big Ben on my team this year. I think I got the all punk-boy team with LT and El Dorado (that's TO to the rest of you). I guess it could be worse. I could have Chad "I'm a psychopath" Ocho Cinco (the artist formerly known as Johnson.)

Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB
Fargas, Justin OAK RB
Tomlinson, Ladainian SDC RB
Burleson, Nate SEA WR
Owens, Terrell DAL WR
Gonzalez, Tony KCC TE
Reed, Jeff PIT PK
Chargers, San Diego SDC Def

Let the games begin. I used to kick some serious ass in fantasy sports before I had three children. Now, I just sort of scrape by and hope I remember to put a line-up in. All is well until the week I face off with Army of Dad aka The Thumbmen.

Of course, he and I battle at everything we do. Probably not the greatest of things to do in a marriage. We had to stop playing miniature golf and Boggle (using the Nintendo 64 system was the last time I played a video game against him). Right now, both of our drivers are on the bubble in Nascar - his is Jeff Gordon and mine is Kasey Kahne. I get to hear about his damn Twins who can't seem to hold it together to win their division. Hello!?? I'm a Rangers fan. I don't ever remember baseball being important in September. Mike and Mike from ESPN each picked our two teams to win the Superbowl this year. The football player Mike picked the Cowboys. The little wussy Mike picked the Vikings. Ha. Maybe I have him on that one. Although he does have AD. Me? I'm a Romosexual, myself.

*sniff, sniff*

Yeah, I smell it baby. Pigskin. I loves me some NFL.


MILFs we can believe in

Chatting with a friend on the Yahoo IM tonight during Sarah Palin's RNC speech and I had to giggle when she said that "Ohmigosh. I just realized that you look a bit like Sarah Palin." I told her that I took it as a compliment. I need to lose a few pounds (hush, mean people) to get there. We're almost the same age. :)

The artist

I almost forgot ... Pickle contributed some artwork to the art show at Anime Fest for his anime club. The concept was that any proceeds would go toward the anime club's funds for snacks, entertainment, etc. He submitted two pieces. I bought one for $10 in a buy it now feature. The other piece had a few bids on it, so I didn't try to buy it. Pickle found out tonight that the piece sold for $30 at auction! How cool is that? He seemed unphased. But, then again, he will be 14 in a few weeks and has already won the only two art contests he's ever entered.

Gotta go faster!

Pickle and I were too excited (ok, I was the one who was excited) when I saw Sonic the Hedgehog first thing at Anime Fest last weekend. I had to get a picture. Sonic has been one of Pickle's favorite characters since he was 4 and played the old Sega game. So, I've got a special place in my heart for Sonic. My shirt was quite the hit at the Anime Fest. Can you read it? Seduced by the Dork Side. Yeah, it is a good fit for me. :)


I'm not sure why I do things sometimes, but I do. I finally shook off the soccer team manager's job. So, why not take on something else, right? Gees Louise. I volunteered for the environmental committee for the middle school PTA.

I'm really excited about this project. There are only a few of us on this newly created PTA committee. I volunteered to oversee the beautification of the front flower bed. I'm stoked. Native plants and easy to maintain designs.

What made me sad, though, was talking to some of the eighth-graders at the school. Did they care about the enviroment? Recycling? Living green? Not really. Was it a priority? Not really. What would make it a priority? If they could make money off of it. How sad is that? Those were the answers we got.

In my home, we live by the mantra of not wasting. Reduce, re-use and recycle. Those are a way of life for us. We had to get a bigger recycling bin from the city because we were overflowing every week. My kids get irritated when they see/hear recyclable items in our neighbors' trash bins. Ask them why it is important and they'll tell you that God wants us to take care of His world. I love that answer. It has been a priority for us to teach the children about our limited resources and how to protect them.

Growing up, we did all those things ... but not because we were living green. We were living cheap. We couldn't afford to waste. But, I grew up caring about the living things around us. I can remember crying when I'd see forest fires. It just broke my heart. Trash in the park or on the roads always made me mad. It seems that maybe some of this has to be taught by families. Schools are doing their best, but it has to start at home with moms and dads.

*shrug* I just get frustrated when people try to say that the folks who vote Republican (we don't consider ourselves Republicans, but conservatives) don't care about the environment. This is one household that does and tries to make a difference.


I loved Sarah Palin's joke tonight:
What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? Lipstick

LOL. That is great. Good for her. Flipping channels tonight and caught her RNC speech.

LOVED IT. People can say what they will, but I like the woman. She reminds me of so many moms I know. She's feisty, too. She took on Obama comments head on. Good for her.

I had to smile when I think about all the nay-sayers out there. I think this is going to be a hard fought campaign this year. I didn't think so initially, but I think the gloves are off.

But, the highlight of Sarah's speech: Little Piper licking her hand and smoothing down Trig's hair. OHMIGOSH. I laughed out loud. She licked the entire palm of her hand and then smoothed little brother's hair. Too funny and too cute.

McCain/MILF '08


Anime Fest was Labor Day weekend. So, Pickle and I trekked to Dallas for the event. We had a blast. He dressed up as Speed Racer and got a lot of attention. Instead of a traditional CosPlay with skits, they did the 'masquerade' like a fashion show allowing each "character" to come up and show off their costumes. This is the run-through at the very end after the first run through. Pickle is next to the end. The Ramen kid was hilarious. Pickle had his own little harem of women in addition to his adoring fans. :) He really enjoyed it. I have LOTS of pictures to post. Of course, the woman screaming the loudest? Yeah, that's me. But, I was joined by choruses of other females. LOL