Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Reason No. 285

Of why I'm glad school starts next week. While sitting in my den/office area in the back of the house, I hear a giant crash coming from the front of the house.

Me: What was that?

Hot Rod: us?

Me: Yeah, but what was it?

Hot Rod: the laundry basket?

Hmmm. I try to ignore it and continue writing.

Then the saga gets richer. In comes Little Bit with a stuffed animal and a tissue requesting tape.

Me: Why do you need tape?

Little Bit: For a cast.

Okeyyyy dokeyyyyy. At least they're playing peacefully and not bickering like their Granny and Papa for a change.
Then, the red alert noises start blaring in my head when I hear Hot Rod:
"There is no rule about seat belts."
This is the stopping point. I walk in to find pillows all along the bottom of the stairs and a laundry basket containing a stuffed penguin "secured" in place by two toy mops criss-crossed inside the basket and poking out each side.
Nope, nope, nope. This stops now, I tell them to cries of WHY?
Really? You don't see anything wrong with this picture kids? Gees Louise.


First Communion

My sweet Little Bit had her First Holy Communion on Sunday. I love this group picture of all the kids because we could not get one good picture where you could see all the kids or none of them were picking their noses or whatever. Too funny. They were troopers during mass, though. It was so wonderful. I felt completely blessed to watch her act like such a big girl and become part of the body of Christ.


Silver Arch to Golden Arches

Summer brought a mini-family reunion up to the Indianapolis suburbs. Along the way, we stopped and had some other fun, too. We visited what is reportedly the world's largest McDonalds (at 29k SF). Not that impressive to be honest. You can see the peeling paint on the right hand side of the arches, the gift store was really bad ... unimpressed.
This was probably the neatest feature - sitting over the tolled highway while eating french fries and burgers.
Getting to see the Arch in St. Louis was a highlight of the trip. Pickle and I were scared to death to go up there, but I managed to mask my fear to reassure the other kids and try to reassure Pickle, but to no avail. He was miserable, but sucked it up and did it, for which I'm very proud.
Of course, my two daredevils were climbing right up to the observation windows and scaring the bejeezers out of me.
 I even documented my visit to the top.
And, loved taking pictures out the window, too.

Forgive me, Father

For I have sinned. This is my first confession. Yep. Little Bit had her first confession Saturday in preparation for her first Holy Communion next week. She was so precious. After she was done she came over and gave me a hug and smiled. Then, she said, "I feel so clean inside."

I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats of this bread will live for ever.  - John 6:51

p.s. Is it just me or does Jesus look like he's throwing down gang signs? "Middle East Siiiiiiiiiiide!!!!"

p.s.p.s. Forgive me, Father for my sacrilige.


Go Mean Green

Took the kids to see the McKinney Marshals' (Texas Collegiate League) season closer tonight. Bonus was that if you wore your UNT shirt, you got $2 off admission. We heard UNT football great Johnny Quinn would be throwing out the first pitch, so why not? Then, even better, he sat behind us in the bleachers. So, as he was leaving, we asked for a quick snapshot. How fun is that?

We hope to catch a few football games this season as it is the last year at Fouts Field before the new super-groovy field opens for the 2011 season. I'm predicting a 4-8 season and I think Todd Dodge will get canned. It was a great experiment, but an epic fail. Still, we'll go support the team in its last season there.

But, more than anything, I'm looking forward to the basketball season. I think we'll win the Sun Belt Conference again.


Shout Out

One of my best buddies launched a daddy blog that explores all the fun stuff to do with kids in the Cleveland area and Northeast Ohio. Don't laugh, if you read his blog, it does look like fun. I would've never seen Cleveland as a hotbed of activity, but I'm thinking it looks like a great place to go. He posts pictures and info on museums, parks, festivals, lakes, and more.

So, go to NEO Kids Blog and let him know that Army of Mom sent you. He's the coolest liberal I know. :) Just had to put that little jab in there for good measure. I heart this guy and his little fellas are adorable. Go give it a look.

9 times

I kept thinking about Ferris Bueller's absences. Nine times. Nine times? Nine times. :) Yep, Little Bit won her 9th tournament in a row.

She definitely has the eye of the tiger. :)