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Honorary man card

I think I've earned my honorary man card. I have been thinking about sex 24/7. I'm not sure exactly what starts it when I get this way, but my hormones get kicked into high gear and I can't seem to focus on other things for very long.

The problem is I look at all kinds of different people and just wonder what they're like in the sack. Not that I want to "do" them, but I just wonder if the lady around the corner is frigid or a maniac. I wonder if the dude down the row from me (who has half a dozen children) must be better in bed than he is in the looks department. I just wonder.

So, this all leads me to wonder, what is it about someone who makes them appealing to others? Women tend to like bad boys, right? I always liked boys with a little bit of danger in them. Army of Dad had such a sweet face and he was preppy. I liked those two things about him. But, then, upon closer inspection I found my danger. He has a big scar on his neck and another on his eyebrow, which makes him look a bit rough. I liked that. Danger.

Anyway. I'm really curious to hear from the guys. I'm actually writing a book (don't laugh) for women to help them understand men. As much as he fusses at me, AoD tells me often that I understand what men are looking for in women (beyond big boobs, blow jobs and waiting on them - I have those down). So, I'm curious if you guys out there would tell me what you find appealing in a woman. If you'd email me or comment here and provide your age, occupation and hometown. I'll give you a false name if I use what you tell me. But, I'm just curious. Are 18-year-olds looking for sluts (Cashin - that one is for you)? Are the 40-year-olds looking for something different or are all you guys just looking for sluts? But, seriously, what is it about a woman that makes it worth the risk of getting shot down? Is it one thing? Many things? Attitude? Smile? Demeanor? Style of dress? Body type? Whatever. I'd like to know what it is. It helps me understand men a little better.

So, if I'm to keep my honorary man card, I need to know these things.

Go Lady Bears

I got this email today from the Baylor alums:

Support the Lady Bears in their FINAL FOUR appearance in the NCAA Tournament from Indianapolis and cheer them on to the NCAA Championship!
Semi-final Game vs. LSU: SUNDAY, APRIL 3 6:00 p.m. (Local Time)
Baylor vs. LSU

...and WHEN they win on Sunday...
Championship Game: TUESDAY, APRIL 5 7:30 p.m. (Local Time)

Bring your friends, wear your green and gold and come watch the game on the BIG SCREENS

In Dallas County we'll be at the Dallas Fox and Hound English Pub & Grille • 10051 Whitehurst Dr, Dallas, 75243 • (214) 340-4300

In Tarrant County we'll be at Rawlings All American Grille at Ameriquest Field in Arlington •1000 Ballpark Way in Arlington, Texas • (817) 469-8900 • We will be in the "big room" with two widescreen projection TVs

Remember...Sunday is Daylight Savings Time Change Sunday...Spring Forward!

Sic 'em! I won't be able to attend a watching party, but I'll be watching on our TV.


Oooh, spank me, hurt me

Ok, a Russian dude did a study in which he claims that everything from depression to alcoholism can be cured with a beating on the bare bottom.

According to the story: Researchers at Novosibirsk say caning releases endorphins, the body’s natural ‘happy chemicals’, Izvestia reports.Endorphins lead to feelings of euphoria, a reduction of appetite, the release of sex hormones and an enhancement of the immune response. They also have a similar effect on pain to drugs such as morphine and codeine, but do not lead to addiction or dependence.

If this were the case, though, I'd be euphoric. I've been a bad, bad girl. Visions of Army of Dad and Henry Rollins taking turns leaving red hand prints on my ass are getting me pretty happy right now.

HR & AoD: Who's your daddy?

AoM: Oh, you both are!!!!!

10 secrets

Reading through the March 8 edition of my Family Circle magazine and there is a story titled "10 secrets of happy childhood."

Ok, intriguing enough. I'll bite. Ok, I may hurl, too. I won't fill in all the specifics, but there are the categories:
1. Love the child you have.
2. Turn "No, I can't" into "Yes, I can."
3. Set fair rules and stick to them.
4. Bring out the bright side.
5. Create a caring team.
6. Get them off the couch.
7. Bank happiness in a memory box.
8. Find magical moments of connection.
9. Give them the bounce-back gene.
10. Instill a sense of wonder.

Ok. Do we REALLY need a magazine to tell us these things? Yes, I love the child I have. My oldest isn't what I was planning. I was really hoping he'd be this athletic, competitive over-achiever like his mom. Instead, I get a brooding artist who is starting to excel in a solo athletic event. Ok, I love my boy as he is. I'm still working on the motivation to turn negatives into positives. I try to be fair and stick to my guns. I try to be Polyanna as best I can while being realistic, too. I think we do a fair job of being caring. I make his little butt get off the couch and play. We definitely have reminders of happy times all around us in photos and souvenirs of trips. We try to connect when we can over mutual topics of interest. We try to let things slide off our back and instill that in the kiddos. And, the wonder thing? I'm still learning all the time, so I try to share that wonder with the kids.

Again, seriously. Do you really think a parent who isn't doing these things and may be slapping back a fifth of whiskey and smacking the kid around is going to have an epiphany after reading this? Well, I have really been slacking off. Think I'll instill a sense of wonder in my child today before I send the kid down to the corner Hajimart to buy me a pack of smokes.

Come on. *shaking my head* Sometimes insults my intelligence (what little is left of it.)


I know some people suffering from this. If my schedule stayed all the time like it is right now, I'd be gray, an alcoholic and have no fingernails left. I'd probably have an ulcer, too. But, for now, I know I won't be working 12-hour days with no lunch break forever. Only feels that way right now.

Is it Friday yet?

LabKat just told me that my comments aren't working. *sigh* Fox told me the same thing a few days ago. Oh well. I guess this forces me to sign up for TypePad tonight after work. So, hopefully in a week or so things will be a lot different. Sorry folks.

Sexual Harrassment Harry got his paws on me this morning. I am going to have to find out who to talk to. This same guy has felt up the assistant director here, too. He best be glad that he only put his arm around me and didn't try to cop a feel or he'd be speaking an octave higher today. Maybe I'll have Army of Dad make a point of meeting this guy. I think that could put the fear of God into him or maybe next tour I do for him I'll be practicing my knife-handling skills. I do that when I'm stuck in traffic sometimes.

Baylor women in the Final Four. Yippee! Sic 'em Bears!!!

Less than two weeks till the Rangers home season opener. I can't wait.


Why I will never be a good PR hack

1. I cannot kiss ass
2. I can't stand people who think they're IMPORTANT simply because of their job
3. I'm way too sarcastic
4. I can't kiss ass
5. Did I mention that I suck at kissing ass?


Note to self

When heating up leftover lasagna for lunch, make sure and take out the little parmesagn cheese that you sprinkled in the side section. It doesn't heat up well.

Also, you need to include the eggs in the german chocolate cake ingredients. Otherwise the cake falls apart and tastes like chocolate ass. Not that I'd know how that tastes, but it is what I imagine it tastes like.

Part Christian, part Satanist?

Yikes. I wonder if this says something about my morals. I stole the link from True Anomaly while trying to catch up on my blog reading during lunch.

You scored as Christianity. Your views are most similar to those of Christianity. Do more research on Christianity and possibly consider being baptized and accepting Jesus, if you aren't already Christian.
Christianity is the second of the Abrahamic faiths; it follows Judaism and is followed by Islam. It differs in its belief of Jesus, as not a prophet nor historical figure, but as God in human form. The Holy Trinity is the concept that God takes three forms: the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Ghost (sometimes called Holy Spirit). Jesus taught the idea of instead of seeking revenge, one should love his or her neighbors and enemies. Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross to save humankind and forgive people's sins.



















Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
created with

No thanks, I'll walk

An email from my friend, KR, this morning:

Here’s a great reason(s) not to take up running …

In his book, Karnazes describes in gripping detail the pain and exhaustion of running his first 100-mile race in a mountain range with an elevation change of 38,000 feet (11,580 m) -- equivalent to climbing up and down the Empire State Building 15 times.

"The first time I did it was really a journey into the unknown," he said. "I had no idea if I could withstand it."

Despite "pretty severe blisters, losing a toe nail as well as temporarily going blind," he made it.

Editorial comment: WTF? Is this guy smoking crack or something? What makes THIS fun?


Vinegar and water

Get your mind out of the gutter. It isn't for THAT not so fresh feeling. I'm talking about coloring Easter eggs, of course. Ok, Happy Easter should be on top of coloring Easter eggs, but hey, bite me. I only have so much time in the day.

We had to do our egg coloring in two parts on Saturday morning. Boo was going to spend the day with his dad, so I needed to let him color his eggs before he left. However, Hot Rod was with his dad buying my anniversary presents, so we split it up. Stinkerbelle got the best of both worlds and was able to color eggs twice. We do ourse the old-fashioned way with food color, vinegar and hot water.

These two love each other so much.

With mom, too.

Hot Rod and Stinkerbelle colored eggs with dad.

The kids enjoyed it.

I can remember coloring eggs as a kid and how much fun it was. We try to make little traditions like this at each holiday. It is one of the things that make holidays memorable. I've also incorporated a new tradition in the past few years of telling the religious stories associated with holidays like Easter and Christmas, so the children understand WHY we celebrate these holidays. It wasn't sticking real well with the kids this morning, but I figure repetition will help them. The crucifixes all over the house should be good reminders, too. I didn't remember the part about storms coming as Jesus was crucified, but I read that in three different stories that I read to the children in the past week or so. Very interesting. Was nice to learn something new, but I felt bad that I didn't remember it. Teaching the kids CCD each week should help me as a good refresher. I need to get both boys prepared for First Communion. They'll probably do it at the same time despite their age differences. Boo is behind emotionally, so it is good to delay for him. Hopefully he will comprehend it all better.

Men I'd like to do

I haven't done this in a while, but there are some men whom I have permission to do should the situation ever arise. (Quit laughing. It could happen).

1. Brendan Fraser
2. Antonio Banderas
3. Orlando Bloom
4. Henry Rollins
5. The lead singer for Chevelle
6. Harrison Ford

The list goes on, but I don't want to sit here all night and think about it. Ok, let me rephrase that. I don't have time to sit here all night and think about it. I wouldn't mind the thinking about it part. Of course, I have a similar agreement with Army of Dad. Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Rebecca Romin, etc. *shrug* It works for us.

Happy Easter

We're celebrating the all-American way by eating lasagna and watching soccer (USA vs. Mexico - not pretty so far).

Kids woke us up bright and early to egg hunting. 126 eggs. Or was it 127? I'm not sure. We were tired this morning. We went out last night to celebrate our anniversary and hung out at a local bar. I was drinking, he was, too, (but he was drinking in moderation.) Not me. We people watched and then AoD was playing video golf. I was hung over this morning. I remember hearing the rain hitting the sun roof in the bathroom and wondering why it had to be raining so loud.

The Easter Bunny hid eggs in the front living area and the dining room because it was so wet outside. Second year in a row that we've had to do that. It is more fun outside, but such is life. They still had a ball. Stinkerbelle was trying to say "cheese" for the picture here. Not a great smile, but an effort.

Happy Anniversary

It was seven years ago today that Army of Dad and I were married. This is a picture of us on our wedding day.

We got married at the local justice of the peace. The JP was a good guy even if he was wearing a shiny suit with a Tabasco tie. He didn't charge us the $35 fee because he said he enjoyed reading my work in the local paper.

AoD, thank you for making me your wife. I love you.


Watched water never boils

Ok, we actually don't want it to boil, but to simmer.

Off to boil the eggs for dyeing. Every year I always fret over boiling them too little, too much or cracking eggs, so this year I got smart and read up on a cooking site to make sure I was doing it right.

How do you boil eggs? The answer to this is carefully. What we need to do first of all is memorize a few very important rules. Don't ever boil eggs that have come straight from the refrigerator, because very cold eggs plunged straight into hot water are likely to crack. Always use a kitchen timer – trying to guess the timing or even remembering to look at your watch can be hazardous. Never over-boil eggs (you won't if you have a timer) – this is the cardinal sin because the yolks will turn black and the texture will be like rubber. If the eggs are very fresh (less than four days old), allow an extra 30 seconds on each timing.
Always use a small saucepan – eggs with too much space to career about and crash into one another while they cook are likely to crack. Never have the water fast boiling; a gentle simmer is all they need. Remember that eggs have a pocket at their wide end where air collects and, during the boiling, pressure can build up and cause cracking. A simple way to deal with this is to make a pinprick in the rounded end of the shell, which will allow the steam to escape.

Fort hard-boiled eggs place the eggs in a saucepan and add enough cold water to cover them by about 1/2 inch (1 cm). Bring the water up to simmering point, put a timer on for 6 minutes if you like a bit of squidgy in the centre, 7 minutes if you want them cooked through. Then, the most important part is to cool them rapidly under cold running water. Let the cold tap run over them for about 1 minute, then leave them in cold water till they're cool enough to handle – about 2 minutes.

Now, I'm off to boil the eggs.


More fun than we could stand

Today was one of those days when we packed as much fun as we could into one day and it worked.

We had a grand time. Me, Hot Rod and Stinkerbelle met my mom at the museum. We had planned on going to the butterfly garden, but that didn't come to fruition. Instead, we saw a sign for a dog show at the nearby convention center. So, instead, we moseyed on down there. Aside from the greyhound (I think that is what it was) that jumped on the baby and left a little scratch under her eye, it was great. My little girl is tough. She was somewhat scared of the dogs after that, but she braved on. She really liked the poodles for some reason. Maybe it was that their hair (in the little fluff ball style) looked a bit like hers!

Loved this shirt one lady had on:

This is the dog that jumped up on me and was looking me in the eyes. Then, it poked its face at the baby so hard that he scratched her face. She wasn't too happy with dogs after that.

Stinkerbelle liked the little Corgis in their kennels.

This was just cute, I had to take a picture.

This little dog is a Chinese something. I can't remember its breed, but I loved its name: Tira Masu. Too funny. Stinkerbelle liked the little 6-pounder much better than the others.

Hot Rod saw a fire hydrant with a chain on it and decided it was his new "pet."

Stinkerbelle loved the wind blowing in her curls.

We then headed back over to the museum where the kids enjoyed the Dino Dig area after checking out the dog show. The baby was digging the dirt. Ok, I mean she was loving playing in the sand.

Hot Rod didn't flinch when the museum docent asked him if he wanted to hold the rat snake. The skin was very soft. The docent said the snake completed the shedding process yesterday.

We saw two Imax movies today. Mystery of the Nile and The Living Sea . Both were great. Stinkerbelle napped during the Nile movie and was rejuvenated.

Now, I have put both in bed a little early and I'm ready to crash myself. We had more fun than we could stand.

Terrible twos

It is official. The child has hit her terrible twos. We get meltdowns now when the princess doesn't get her way. *sigh* But, she is a good little girl overall. I just have to remind myself that she is frustrated with her inabilities to do what she wants or communicate what she wants/needs. Just hard to listen to.

This morning, Hot Rod comes in to wake me up telling me that Stinkerbelle has been crying all morning. This was about 7. Likely, she has been up since 6. So, I drag my tired butt out of bed, put on my glasses and head upstairs to retrieve the wailing toddler. She is standing at the edge of her bed and pointing toward the floor and telling me "tuck, tuck!" I am looking on the floor thinking maybe she had dropped a truck somewhere. No, no truck. So, I commit the Mommy Thumb move to pick her up and she isn't budging. At this point, I wipe the sleep from my eyes and look down. Her knee is stuck between the bars. She was trying to tell me "stuck" apparently. So, I work a bit to try and push it back through before my genius came to me and I made her straighten her leg out and it popped right back out. *doh* Bless her heart. I'd be a Terrible Two if I had to deal with sleepy stupid mom at 7 a.m.

We're getting ready to go to the Tropical Conservatory at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens this morning. I took the day off for Good Friday because all three kids are out of school. Pickle went to spend the day with his dad, but I'll have the two little ones. We're going to stop by church before we head out to see the butterfiles at the gardens. There have been thousands released in there over the past few weeks. Should be fun. Then, we'll head to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History for some playtime and an Imax show. Will be a fun day. I'm hoping that some friends will come over tonight, but we haven't heard from them, so it may just be me and Army of Dad kicking back. Will be nice. If it doesn't rain, we have soccer tomorrow.

Happy Good Friday. Remember Christ's sacrifices so we could live and extend a kindness to someone today. It could be something as simple as putting a coin in a parking meter that is about to expire or letting some person in front of you in traffic, but simple things can be blessings to others. I'll try to remind myself of these things when I'm getting impatient.


Old flames

Nope, not the good kind. Not talking about former lovers this time. Talking about getting flamed for a post that was written WAAAYYYYY back.

I got a comment today for a post I wrote on July 30, 2004. If you have time, go read the post, but here is a synopsis: some professor at UT wrote an op-ed piece (may require an online registration to see) talking about how stay-at-home moms are ruining the world. I shit you not. This was the premise of her piece. Nowhere in her op-ed does she ever say that it is ok in some situations. Nope, she just knocks it around. Hell, one of the early graphs in her piece reads:

"It is time to have an honest conversation about what is lost when women stay home. In a nation devoted to motherhood and apple pie, what could possibly be wrong with staying home to care for your children?
Several things, I think."

Then, she goes on to rail on about how SAHMs are going to ruin the world. Even though I have since entered the world of the working - and thank God that I found high-quality child care (which I pay out the nose for) for my little girl. I trust these people with her life, so I'm glad that I can trust them. She loves going. She is learning and having a great time and for that I'm blessed. But, I digress.

Anyway. I got a comment on that thread today and it looks as if one of her star pupils must have googled Ritter's name and came up with my blog because this person flames me in a very collegiate thesis style of writing. Cracks me up because this person is working really hard to defend an indefensible viewpoint, in my humble opinion. If Ritter ever once said that she thought even some SAHMs were doing a good job, it might be less offensive, but she doesn't. She acts like SAHMs are little mini-Hitlers out to rule the world and squash everyone else. I could give a rat's ass if anyone works or stays home with their little ones. I'm looking forward to the day that I can return home and be with the kiddos, but I'm not going to rant and rave about working moms or SAHMs either one. Everyone has to do what they think is best for their families. Anyway. Here is the comment that was left on that thread. Cracked me up a bit. I hope you enjoy it, too.

"I realize that because this discussion is old, my comment may never be read, however...I should first say that from my memories of her article, this kind of backlash is exactly what hit Clinton and inspired Ritter to write about the issue.That said, she was trying to bring a minority viewpoint to light. That's right, a minority viewpoint. Mothers hold a respected place in our society because most of us had one, and she is a big part of who we are. Sadly, because of this overwhelming loyalty to good, strong mothers, no one ever consider that there may be a downside. Ritter simply makes that point that it is possible to mother a child too much, and that there may be undesirable effects that we don't consider because it's so contrary to our fundamental beliefs. Her intention is not to insult or look down on mothers, and it is not to tell hard-working, dedicated souls that they are bad parents. Rather, she raises questions about the institution of the stay-at-home-mom that have not previously been considered. Why haven't they been considered? Not because they're impossible or ridiculous or without scientific and sociological foundation, but because any point against the institution of the stay-at-home mom, or any style of parenting, is taken as a personal attack by all the members of that insitution, and it is not taken well. You obviously took it very personally because you couldn't refrain from profanity.These downsides may not apply in your situation, but they might apply to other similar situations- not every dad is a good dad and not every stay-at-home mom raises children capable of cleaning after themselves and doing things independently. Ritter simply points out that SOME stay-at-home situations can have negative outcomes. It may be a tiny percentage, but a percentage nonetheless, and deserves the attention of one editorial (which is an equally tiny- or tinier- percentage of popular media editorials on the subject). It deserves that tiny bit of attention because it is an angle no one has ever considered and may help some people in their personal choice of parenting. A fully-informed decision maker is always preferable to a partially-informed decision maker, and though her claims may seem ludicrous to you, there are some (a minority, but SOME) sociological and psychological studies and academic sources that support her opinion.On to your attack of Universities and UT specifically... UT (even UT Austin) has a very strong, very vocal Conservative minority. There are more conservatives on the UT campus than Mexican and Black students combined, and the Young Conservatives of Texas are prone to huge displays of their opinions. The "FARRRR" left mentioned above is ALSO A MINORITY, and also very vocal. Most UT students are moderate or slightly left of moderate. This is almost always the case with non-religious Universities for several reasons:- University students typically come from a large range of backgrounds, and as they learn about and socialize with one another, they accept cultures other than their own as valid. There are thousands of different cultures in Texas- small town, city, inner city, suburban, border towns, ranches, Catholics, Baptists, Evangelicals, Muslims, Jews, Germans, Mexicans, rednecks, mountain-folk, small farm, big farm, displaced yankees, native americans, computer-chasing dellionaires, musicians with big ambitions, and the list goes on. It's very easy to remain as conservative or liberal as you were raised while you are growing up at home, but when thrust into a world where a redneck lives and learns alongside someone from the valley and people of different religions or sexualities befriend each other before they realize their fundamental differences, it gets harder and harder to see other beliefs, traditions, and cultures as "wrong", and everyone moves toward the middle. The "slightly left" comes in because as they begin to humanize the minorities that surround them, understand and sympathize with them. These minorities range from ethnic minorities and religious minorities to sexual minorities and ideological minorities. Yes, there are a few who swing completely to the left, but even THEY are still statistically minorities, even at UT.In addition, University students are often learning- both in and outside of the classroom- thousands of things they never knew before. They learn the history of their own ideologies and conflicts that previously they were only taught to believe or support, and sometimes this new information changes their opinion. And finally, University students are out on their own for the first time. They get a chance to experience real freedom and independence that they never had at home, and often this makes them want to throw off the yokes of judgement and criticism that followed them through their upbringing. It's hard to be judged your whole life, and it's hard to walk on eggshells and deny natural tendencies (this is for both right-raised and left-raised children because both are boxed in by the stigmas their parents and peers teach them at home which, right or wrong, are constricting). Part of enjoying the freedom of leaving home is meeting new people and doing new things, and in the wake of that experiementation, everyone has moved to the center of the social spectrum. The stereotypes you have of Universities being overpoweringly liberal and "FARRR LEFT" are a throwback to the 60's and a mistaken conviction that a vocal minority is in fact, the majority.I invite you to walk across campus and count the liberal organizations who approach you, then count the number of religious and conservative organizations that approach you. Most of the speakers you see around campus are either strongly Conservative or non-students looking to grand stand (ie, inherently extremists and not always University-affiliated)There are 7 Christian organizations at UT. The only other type of organization claiming more groups (and not necessarily more members) is Greek life (fraternities and sororities). This is applicable because most people who consider themselves Christian also consider themselves conservative.Also, Ritter is, in fact a professor, not a "professor". She has all the required education and degrees to support her opinions as a professor.Try to place your personal defensive outrage aside and consider that this is an educated opinion, and she is entitled to an educated opinion of an institution.Then understand that before you form opinions of institutions (such as Universities) perhaps you should educate yourself on the actual political and social makeup of that institution."
--Posted by Azure to Army of Mom at 3/24/2005 10:49:21 AM

Ah, so many points to address. Let's see where to start.
1. I never said she wasn't a minority viewpoint.
2. She never insinuated in any way that she thinks ANY SAHM is good.
3. Working moms or SAHMs can "over-mother" a child.
4. Sounds to me like her intention was to tell some moms that they're denigrating society.
5. I use profanity all the time whether I'm defensive or not.
6. I was offended by this. It was rude and assumes to know something about SAHMs, which I get the impression she is judging the Junior League moms she knows and not most middle-class American moms.
7. Yes, a tiny percentage of SAHMs are psycho, but a tiny percentage of men have that tiny penis disease, too. Is that worth me writing an op-ed piece about how tiny dicks are bad for women who like big dicks?
8. I don't think there are too many moms who take lightly the decision to stay home or return to work. I doubt this op-ed really opened any pregnant mom's eyes with some kind of epiphany that "Doh! I'm depriving little Johnny of time with his dad by staying home and teaching him the alphabet while dad works." or "Dadgummit. I'm depriving working moms of services at the public library because they're leading mommy and me reading groups. I think I'll return to work right now!"
9. Yes, universities expand horizons for students. They certainly did for me. I became a liberal. I changed religions not once, but twice. I was also date-raped and stuck with long distance bills to Taiwan by a roommate. So, what is your point?
10. UT has a reputation for being a liberal institution for a reason. I'm sure there are Christian and conservative groups on campus, just like Baylor had gay groups (not recognized officially by the campus) and hippies that sat around the Student Union playing their guitars. p.s. I went to college and I'm not that old. I know how it works, by the way.
11. And, lastly, just because someone is "educated" doesn't necessarily mean that they're opinions are educated, too. Look at David Duke. He attended LSU. He's educated, yet he spouts all kinds of evil and bad things. Just because you have gone to college and have a lot of initials after your name does not make me value your opinion above my own common sense. I have a few initials after my name, too.
12. Continue your education and expand your mind. Much of your real-world education will come after you leave the bubble of university life and experience what the rest of us do every day.
13. Oops I missed one point that should have been at the top of this, but EVERYONE has a mother unless they were born in a petrie dish. Not every woman deserves the title of mother, but we all had one in some form or fashion. You're right about that.

*whew* Takes a lot of work to wade through that much BS at one sitting.


Barry "Boo Hoo" Bonds quote: WAH!

What a big titty baby.

Do you think there is a person I could sympathize with less? I don't think so.

Barry Bonds is a pussy. There I said it. He is bitching about the media picking on him. Hmm. I remember a LOT of years with the Pirates when he was good, but he wasn't the record-breaking stud he became when he mysteriously buffed up. Hmm. I'm going to take my ball (and my steroids) and go home if you're not going to let me win by cheating.


I love this car

LabKat loves mustangs even more than I do. But, they rock! The new concept was released. Kat has all the pictures. Go look and make sure you have a napkin to wipe up the drool.

I got to interview the chief nameplate engineer for the all-new Mustang. This due also served as the vehicle engineering manager for the Mustang line, Hau Thai-Tang led the development and launch of the 2001 Mustang GT, V-6, Cobra and Bullitt GT models. He was also vehicle dynamics supervisor and vehicle engineering manager for the 2000 Lincoln LS, which was awarded the Motor Trend Car of the Year honor and was named the Best Driving Domestic Sedan by Road & Track magazine.
Thai-Tang’s Ford experience also includes an assignment in Germany, as well as working with Ford Racing. Born in Vietnam, Thai-Tang grew up in New York City. He joined Ford as a Ford College Graduate trainee in 1988. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University and a master’s from the University of Michigan. In 2001, he received the Automotive Hall of Fame’s prestigious Young Leadership and Excellence Award.

Wow. I bet it is cool to be this guy.

I bet he loves his job.

Ego strokes

WARNING: Turn away now if you are my father-in-law, son's teacher, ex-husband or someone who is easily offended. If you are pregnant, nursing or have back problems, you should not ride this attraction.

I think I must be putting off some kind of pheromones right now. I was hit on Tuesday by no less than three different guys. Our department at work is coordinating this gigantic luncheon for all the construction workers at the project (I know they unloaded 2,000 chairs for it). So, I was having to escort folks on and off the construction site and it was quite the task. Well, maybe I was feeling particularly frisky because I was out of the office and moving around, which I love. But, it was sort of weird. I had to put two guys in the cab of the truck with me and the guy next to me was taking great pleasure in sitting cheek to cheek with me and asked if that is a wedding ring on my hand. Why, yes it is, I told him. Another guy said he knew I had an ex and asked if I had a current Mr. Army of Mom. Yes, again. I even told him we're celebrating our 7th anniversary this coming Sunday. He asked me if I got him anything good for his anniversary. Yes, I told him. Me. What could be better? He chuckled at that one. But, the coup de gras of the evening was the hot young 20something Fred Durst looking dude, complete with earrings and tattoos. Not exactly the type to be turned on by the mid-30s soccer mom. But, I have to say that I started this by teasing and flirting with this guy; I just didn't think he would finish it. Honestly, I didn't. I mean, come on, he is this punk looking dude in his mid-20s. I know Army of Dad is a hot 20-something dude, but the little band of gold and the solitaire makes him sort of obligated to want to do me. So, I have been giving out my business card with my cell phone number to most of the drivers of these trucks because they'll need someone to escort them back in today for clean-up after the luncheon. When I gave stud-boy my card, I even said, I'm not hitting on you now. He laughed a bit and joked a few more times before he left and I went back to work. About a half-hour later, I'm getting instructions from my boss about what my next task should be when my phone rings. It is StudBoy. Immediately, I start to giggle and flush. He said he was just "checking to see if the number works" and to let me know that he is "interested." My boss said my face went about 14 shades of red and eventually matched my pink hardhat. I have not had a boy call me in well over eight years. It was very flattering, but really embarrassing that it happened in front of my boss. I caught shit for it all night long. But, what can I say? I must be a hottie. *insert giant laugh here*

This is probably what my face looked like after the phone call:

But, this guy and the entire project over the past few days has illustrated a few things for me. Yes, yes, I know. I bitched about people stereotyping and characterizing groups of people, but as a woman it is my perogative to change my mind. I have noticed that different groups of men eye-fuck women in different ways. White guys tend to me more subtle. They'll look, but avert your eyes after only a brief smile of recognition that they were busted. They may say hello and a sentence or two if they're pretty confident. Most, though, will turn away if you bust them staring. Now black guys are much more smooth. They stop what they're doing and talk to you. They try to sweet-talk you a bit while looking at you like you're the sweetest dish they could ever hope to eat. They may even lick their lips and they always do that head-nod thing. You know the one, like when you're walking by your bud or just to acknowledge someone, your chin goes up and the back of your head tilts down like you're swallowing a pill or something. Now, Mexican guys are the brashest of the bunch. They'll look you straight in the eye while they're eye-fucking you. The machismo drips off these guys. If they're gross, ok, then it is gross. But, the young hunky ones ... not too bad. But, it just seems across the culture that they have no problem looking you straight in the eye when they're eye-fucking you. It is powerful in a weird sort of way. Disturbing and gross sometimes, but I do admire a man who isn't afraid of a woman.

Ok, that is a weird kind of post this morning, but Army of Mom has turned into Ego Girl today. Or, I like the playful ribbing I got from Army of Dad this morning as he left. He kissed me goodbye and said "See ya Sex Kitten." He is enjoying this almost as much as I am, but then again, I tend to really enjoy when other women tell me that they think my hubby is hot. It must work the same way for AoD.

Off to get dolled up for work today. I have my fans to think of, you know.


Ok, I'm dropping down in the rankings for blogs in the Truth Laid Bare ecosystem. I was all the way up to the 2400s area in ranking, but have since dropped to like 6,400 all because no one is linking to me. Am I just not writing good stuff or did I lose that oomph once the political tirades ended?

So, maybe if I do a link-o-rama with the top folks in the ecosystem, I can influence you guys to toss me a bone and maybe I can get my ecosystem ranking back up. So, I went to the blogs and found some good entries to link to.

We'll start off with just one, it looks like Let's Try Freedom feels the same way about email spam that I do. He has a few choice words for the pharmaceutical hacks and the royalty whose money is all tied up unless I get it out for him.

More links will be forthcoming.


Working hard or hardly working?

Our Internet at work has been down for the past two days and finally came back up. Thank God!

Lots going on at work the next two weeks. I'm glad I'll have Good Friday off to spend with the kids and my mom. Will be nice.

This morning, I saw a really sad site. In our hometown, we have a "day laborers" site set up so the men seeking work have a designated place to go and the contractors or folks just looking for some help know where to find them. I drive past this place every day on my way to work. This morning, I saw a big double cab dually pull up and you should have seen these men pouncing upon this truck. Men were scrambling to get close to the truck. Others were waving their arms. They just want to work. Most of these men are Mexican immigrants. I would bet that most of them have families to support. I admire them for wanting to work so hard and feel a twinge of sadness to see them doing whatever they can to get the attention of the employer. The lifelong Texan in me wants to be disgusted, but I just can't. Occasionally, I'll get irritated that our public health system, our public school system, my car insurance and even our welfare programs are bogged down with illegal immigrants. I get frustrated that my tax dollars are funding programs in our public schools that are taught in Spanish because the children don't speak English. But, then I look at the great families we have on our boys' soccer teams. These are good people. They're hardworking. They're sacrificing to provide for their children and help them succeed with extracurricular activities. Those are the times when I feel like a bigot. My mother would say Mexican with such contempt that I thought it was a bad word for the first 15 years of my life. I really did. I would hear someone use the term Mexican to describe someone and I'd put my hand over my mouth with disbelief that they used this vulgar language in public. Sometimes I slip back into that frame of thought and then I have to remember the people that I know and how much I like them. It is easy to stereotype and characterize entire races or ethnic groups of people, but that really is unfair. Some stereotypes hold true, that is for sure, but others don't. For every Mexican who gets stabbed in a bar fight, there are those who are pushing around the ice cream carts working to support their families. Stories like this one are just sad. This guy was trying to earn a living and gets killed for it.


Our little kids' soccer team started off really poorly this season. The only kid who had played before was my boy and then we got five new kids. Well, Army of Dad and I are feeling pretty proud because these kids are really improving. We beat a team last night that beat us 4-2 in the first game of the season. We won 5-2. Our own little Hot Rod even scored a goal.


Happy First Day of Spring

I am so excited for the spring. Last night I saw blossoms on my baby peach tree in the front yard. My mother tossed a peach pit out into her yard a few years ago and noticed that it took root and as the little tree was sprouting from the ground, she dug it up and put it in a pot to take care of it for me until I was ready to plant it. Late last summer, early fall, Army of Dad put it into the center of the front yard for me. I've been tending to this little fella ever since. He's only a few feet tall, but he has three lovely blossoms on him. Isn't that just about the prettiest thing you've ever seen?

I love growing things. It is such a miracle to see nature at work. Was thinking of how pleasant it was to watch something I've tended start to grow and blossom and I was reminded to count my blessings. Making a "run for the border" tonight, I passed residents from the group home having a picnic at the park. Made me so grateful to have all my wits about me and have bright children. Then, at Taco Bell the clerk waiting on me was obviously scarred from burns. Her face and her hands. I felt so badly for her because she was lovely aside from the scars. I hope she finds someone who sees that beauty in her, too.

I had a bad week last week. I've probably cried more in the past six days than I have in the previous six months. I'm not past it yet, but I hope to be soon. I just try to remember to count my blessings. I did CCD Sunday morning at home for my two little ones. We didn't have real palms, but we made some out of construction paper and we had our own parade. I talked to Hot Rod about the Fourth of July parade he was in last year and he remembered how exciting it was. I tried to relate to him what it must have been like to see Jesus riding into town. How exciting it had to be for those people who were just going about their daily business. He loved Sunday School and asked me if we could do it again. So, we talked about Holy Thursday and Good Friday. We'll have some more CCD on Thursday and Friday and thankfully, Pickle will be home with me to get some of that, too. My peach tree, my beautiful children ... what wonderful reminders of God's works on the beginning of Holy Week Sunday.

So jealous

LabKat got her new Typepad blog up and running and figured out a bunch of stuff. Good for her, but now I'm jealous. I still haven't gotten my typepad account set up yet. I was too busy editing a big project that was due today and then I had to get out in the pretty weather yesterday afternoon for at least a little while. I had a great post last night about my peach tree blossoming, but Blogger ate it and *poof* into cyberspace. I know we're all shocked.

I have learned to copy my text and save it in those occasions, so I'm going to see if I can get it to post now.


More parenting trivia

From the February issue of Parenting (can you tell I'm catching up on my magazine reading?):

Parenting poll:
What moms want most from you this year ...
41 percent - Do the housework
41 percent - Take me out to dinner
18 percent - Buy me roses

Simplest secret to making roses last
Drop a couple of pennies in the vase, said Paul James, host of HGTV's Gardening by the Yard. The copper helps stop the growth of bacteria, which prevents water intake and can make your roses wilt. (Works for all hard-stemmed flowers).


You can't make this stuff up

Headline in my February issue of Parenting magazine in the "your health" section.

Preventing "Mommy thumb"

I'm not making that up. It is a serious headline. Here is the text that accompanied it:

It's a rare-sounding ailment, but as many as 50 percent of new moms develop it: deQuervain's tendinitis, an irritation of the thumb tendons that causes anything from mild soreness to an intense pain that radiates up to the wrists.
Oh, THAT is what causes that. I thought it was arthritis, carpal tunnel, ganglion cysts ...
The trigger: habitually picking up your baby by hooking your hands under her arms, especially if your hands are also angled downward. (Even worse: using just your thumb and forefingers.) That puts a lot of pressure on the tendon. To try to prevent "Mommy thumb," change the way you lift your baby. For example, when she's on her back, slide one hand under her to get her head in the crook of your arm, and then put you other hand under her bottom.
Uh, yeah. That works when you're trying to answer the phone, lock the door, pick up the baby, turn off the TV, etc.
If you already have pain, modifying your baby-lifting technique and taking over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen will usually take care of it, said Charles Day, MD, a hand surgeon at Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. But if it bothers you for more than a month, your doctor can prescribe stronger analgesics, splinting, occupational therapy, a steroid injection or in rare cases, minor surgery.
Or time will take care of it. At some point the baby will be too big to pick up any more or your pain just transfers to your back. I'm at this stage now. And, my Little Bit only weighs 24 pounds.

Parenting trivia

85 Decibels
Level of sound a screaming baby creates

80 Decibels or less
Level of sound that you can listen to all day without pain or hearing loss

Hammer Time

Can't you hear that song now? Can't touch this.

Ok, not THAT kind of hammer time. Boo went to work with me Friday and I took him out to see the operations side of the airport for a few moments. He enjoyed watching the airplanes all around and most enjoyed seeing how the luggage goes through the underbelly of the terminal and through the screening. No, we couldn't go see active operations, but I showed him the inner workings of the terminal that is under construction.

Doesn't he look cute in his hard hat, safety goggles and vest?

Those safety vests aren't very figure flattering as you can see in the picture below, but it doesn't stop the construction workers from checking out my ass. Cracks me up. They also don't realize that when my back is turned, I can see their reflections in the glass, which is all around the terminal. I usually catch the head turns as they stare at the booty. Not that I can blame them. It is bootylicious if you like big round butts. *cracking myself up* So, here we are: me in my pink hard hat (I blurred out my name, so it usually isn't a big splotch like that.)



I'm not sure why I continue trying to post. The posts I attempted yesterday never showed up, even late.

I had a very clever St. Patrick's Day post for you. *poof* It was gone.

I had a snarky opinion sentence about Blogger. *poof* It was gone.

So, why am I bothering? I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

Child No. 1 is coming to work with me this morning. It should be fun even if I won't get a lot done. I'm about to go wake up my crew. The baby is awake, but the boys are still snoozing. I had to get up and fix a story that is due today. I hate source reviews (in case you didn't know, that means the person you interviewed gets to read it and make changes if they want, before you submit it to the editor). Some people think they're gifted writers when they're not. They're probably very good in supplier diversity, but not at writing and they feel compelled to change things, etc. *taking a deep breath*

Anyway. Off to start my day. Sorry for the lack of posts, it isn't for lack of trying.


Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day, again.

I watched a great show about St. Patrick a few years ago on the Discovery Channel, I think it was. Really good and informative. I wanted ot know all about this man because I chose him to be the patron saint for my two sons when they were baptised. It was great. According to most information, this is who St. Patrick was. One of the things I love the most about this saint is that he wasn't perfect. He was a partier in his youth, he likely was running with a bad crowd and in a place where he shouldn't have been and that ended up in his kidnapping and transformation into a slave. But, he rose above it and learned from it and became a tremendous leader.

Why a shamrock?
Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Trinity, and has been associated with him and the Irish since that time.

In His Footsteps:
Patrick was a humble, pious, gentle man, whose love and total devotion to and trust in God should be a shining example to each of us. He feared nothing, not even death, so complete was his trust in God, and of the importance of his mission.

But, it is a secular holiday as well as a religious one, so here is my secular hilarity for the day: My son as a leperchaun.

I have a feeling Army of Dad will be kicking back some green beer tonight after he gets off work.


I wanted to be THIS woman

Flipping channels, Army of Dad found Celebrity Poker on Bravo and then World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel. So, we're flipping back and forth. Well, they showed one of the old Celebrity Poker shows with Angie Dickinson. She is looking really old, but it is probably because she is REALLY old.

I wanted to be her SOOOO bad when I was about 8. Either her or Charlie's Angels depending upon if I wanted to be tough and a good cop and boss men around or if I wanted to bounce my boobs and flip my hair to make men do what I wanted through sex appeal. Of course, I wasn't sophisticated enough to make those distinctions at that time. But, Police Woman was cool.

Just a few more points, good thing Bobby Flay can cook because he sure can't dress. Ouch. Fashion police are on their way Bobby. Sorry. He was on one of the previous Celebrity Poker shows, too. This is the tourney of champs tonight. ANd, by the way, I wouldn't touch Dave Navarro with someone else's dick. Ick. Now, Jeff Gordon, that is another story.

Working with children

My oldest is going to come to work with me Friday morning. Should be fun. I think I'll get the receptionist to make him a name tag so he can have a hardhat with his name on it while he's here with me and maybe I'll even take him over to the construction site for a little tour. I bet he'd get a kick out of that.

Government interference

Ok, so I'm a hypocrite. I am openly admitting it. I am the one who said that I didn't see any reason for Terri Shiavo to continue living in that awful fashion that she has lived in for the past decade. But, this one hit me really hard.

Seems like families should be the ones to make these decisions of who lives and dies and not courts or doctors or hospitals.

Poor little Sun Hudson didn't get that opportunity because doctors determined he was unable to live on his own without a ventilator. Despite his mom's pleas to keep him alive, the hospital petitioned the court to remove him from life support and the court said ok.

Five months old. His mom didn't want him to die, but the decision was taken out of her hands. It seems no different to me that a murderer sneaking in your house at night and choking the life out of your child.

Now, I know all those things that even I say in these situations: this child was doomed to a miserable existence; the cost of keeping the child alive is probably going to fall upon the taxpayers; these resources could be used on a patient who will live and be able to walk out of the hospital one day; etc, etc.

I know, I know.

But, this is a mother's baby. She carried that baby in her womb. She likely loved that baby since the day she knew she had conceived. She went through labor to bring that baby into the world. Why does a hospital or the government have the right to deny that baby the interventions he needed to live? How do they know that he could never recover? How many miracles do we see every day? I'm a miracle. What is the hospital decided not to do all those surgeries on me when I was 7 and my family was told I only had three months to live? What if the hospital decided to withdraw treatment from me because it was a futile effort and a waste of their resources? Then, our world would have three less beautiful children; it would be free of my writing; it would be free of my love ... so many people would be adversely impacted had I not lived. I'm not be egotistical, I'm being sincere. I believe God gave me life for a reason and I live every day to glorify Him and be a blessing to all those around me. Do I fail miserably? Yes. I'm human. I make mistakes. I curse like a soldier. I sin. No doubt about it, but the world is a better place because I'm here.

What would our world have been like with Sun Hudson in it? We'll never know. I pray for his mother. I don't know what I'd do in her place. God help me, I never want to know.

Mbabane send off

This event was why I had to be at work at 4 a.m. Monday. It was great fun to watch all the African dancing and listen to the singing and drumming. I even got to see a serval cat and spring hare. Pretty cool stuff.

Susan Perez, right, and Amenta Rasa dance to the beat laid down by Ankh Rasa in a performance by Kumaasi African Ensemble at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport in a send-off celebration Monday for Fort Worth's Sister Cities delegation as it heads for Mbabane, Swaziland.

It will be a zoo in more ways than one

Today is the single busiest day of the year for the Fort Worth Zoo. It is half-price day (Wednesday) and it is spring break for most of of the school kids through the Metroplex. Last year, my family of five were stupid enough to join the other 14,000 idiots who went to the zoo. Traffic was backed up along University Drive (the main entrance) and about a mile back down Interstate 30 just to get off on the exit. I was smart enough to get off and go in the back way, but it didn't do me much good. We stood in line for an hour just to get in to the zoo! But, at least the weather was great last year.

According to the Startlegram:
This year, it is going to be overcast, drizzly with 40-degree temperatures in the forecast. But half-price Wednesday during spring break is typically a record-setter. Last year, 14,000 people went through the park. Two years ago, 16,000 people did. If crowds like that turn out, beware of the inevitable traffic snarls along University Drive and Interstate 30. Zoo officials are encouraging people to try alternate exits, such as Forest Park Boulevard and Montgomery Street off Interstate 30 and Berry Street off Interstate 35W. The T is also running a "safari shuttle" all week from the Intermodal Transportation Center downtown straight to the zoo. It leaves every half-hour during the day.

It will be a zoo getting there. I highly suggest the museums as being a good alternative today. :)

My boss' bad day

What a crappy way to start the day.

My boss recounted this to me this morning. He got up and was getting ready to leave when he discovers that his car has been hit with a big old blue paintball. Ok, he was able to get that washed off. So, he gets ready to get in the car. He has a flat. Then, he can't get the tire off. Some contractors working on his house show up and after much discussion, the general contractor arrives and they use a 2x4 and a sledgehammer and the tire pops right off. Goes to get the spare. Gets down to put it on and the sprinklers come on. Then, his spare is flat, too.

Gees. I think I would have just gone back in the house and crawled back in bed.


Four more days

LabKat is coming over Saturday to help me FIRE BLOGGER. I hate this. Blogger is going to go by the way side. I'm am so mad at the service. I know it is free, but gees. Free isn't good if it doesn't work. It ate three posts of mine yesterday. Probably a good thing it ate the last one. It was filled with nothing but hateful words from me about Blogger and how much it sucks. Will try again to post tonight, but I'm not holding my breath. I have some great pictures of me with a firearm as well as that of our newly inducted member of the "Liberal turned gunlover hall of fame."


A holiday for men

Happy Steak and BJ Day.

We didn't celebrate in either fashion tonight. Pizza and an early evening for me.

I was so tired today that I actually fell asleep in the coffee shop at Borders Bookstore today. I probably looked like some well-dressed homeless person.

I fucking hate blogger

I think I'll say it again.

I fucking hate blogger

Enough said.

I fucking hate blogger

Enough said.


Army of Dad is working on converting liberals into gun-toting Americans, one at a time. Wonder where he got that idea?

First, he got me.

Now, he's got our Democratic-voting buddy RC wanting to save his bucks up to buy his very own firearm. He LOVED IT THAT MUCH!!! Yippee.

Saturday, we took RC out to a local gun range for his first efforts at handling a gun. He first shot the .22 rifle that AoD got the boys for Christmas. Not much kick to it. I do not like firing rifles. Feels awkward to me. Then, he let him fire AoD's Smith and Wesson .40. I like that one. I personally want a Kimber. Ooooooh, ahhhhhh. Champagne taste on a Dr Pepper budget, but I can dream. Then, RC got to shoot AoD's AK clone. AoD loves that gun. He had hickey-looking things on his shoulder from shooting it. One reason I don't like rifles. I didn't even try the SAR-1.

RC with the .22.

The cute little Rangers visor and the soccer scrunchie - boy, am I a soccer mom or what?
My Osama Bin Laden target was a little ways away.

After Army of Mom started shooting. The one right between the eyes was my second shot. WooHoo! Die Mother Fucker Die!

Me with my OBL target.

RC with his OBL target. I didn't mean to shoot him with the Bill Cosby Jello gelatin face, though. Sorry RC.

AoD doing some target shooting with the little gun.

Oops, how did that shot get in there? Cute, though, isn't it?

AoD with his SAR-1.

RC takes his turn.

RC didn't even flinch when I suggested giving him an NRA membership for his birthday. Wow.


Long day. I will blog later. Just wanted to make a post. I had to be at work at 4 a.m. this morning.

Am home for a few minutes before getting kids and proceeding with the day. It is most definitely a Monday.


Early anniversary

On March 27, which falls on an Easter this year, Army of Dad and I will celebrate seven years of marriage. But, because we want to spend the day with our kiddos, we're going to celebrate tonight.

We're going to a safari party tonight and getting a hotel room so we can sleep in sans children. Yippee! This afternoon, we're getting our friend, RC, and taking him shooting.

My yellow belt

My sweet Boo earned his yellow belt Friday night.

He was very proud of himself.

This is scary

I don't think I like this ... all my liberal friends are going to have too much fun with this. Zip it LabKat. ;)

Hat tip to Bogus Gold for the movie one, which also has this leader test, too.


What classic movie are you?

I think this is totally bizarre because I'm not a giant fan of this movie. But, then again, I am all about power and control. *shrug*


Excuse me, I think I just threw up in my mouth.

My boss emailed me this picture. His wife has been asked to wear this in a wedding.

These are people with money, too. I can't imagine anyone outside of a trailer park or some 60s throwback who would wear this anywhere but a Dead concert or something. Let alone a wedding. Poor poor woman. I think I'd decline the invitation to be a bridesmaid and just give her the $69 the dress is listed for as a wedding gift.


Thank you LabKat, once again, for not having a big wedding and making me wear some purple sleeveless nightmare with satin shoes and baby's breath in my hair.

*shudders again*

True story - beware of the laugh out loud nature

One of my friends had to share this email with me today. Her son is in kindergarten and is a "spirited" child much like my own. He struggles to stay on task and stay out of trouble, much like both of my boys.

She got this email from her boy's teacher:

Just wanted to let you know that Ron* got all his work done today...he's doing well. After the students get done with morning work I allow them to work puzzles or do extra "fun" work. Ron decided to make a bug mask that I had in the extra work area. He worked hard cutting it out and after a while I saw him walking around with the mask on his face. As he got closer I noticed that he didn't have yarn keeping his mask I called him over to find out how the mask was staying on his face. Ron replied, "Silly Miss Bowman*, I glued it to my eyebrows!!!" I tried to be professional and not laugh, but that may be one of the funniest things I've seen in my classroom all year. However, I tried to get him to take it off and now he's scared that it will if he comes home with a few less eyebrows...I'll try to not to make bald spots.
Miss Bowman

*names have been changed to protect the subjects* ;)

Open house

Boo and Hot Rod's school had open house last night. That is always fun. We had a rough start to the event. I was supposed to help clean up the PTA pizza supper, but didn't make it on time. On the way, Boo announces in a terrified voice that he forgot his shoes. I could see the veins bulging on Army of Dad's head as we turned around to go get his shoes. Not a great start, but we all got over it quickly enough.

Boo got an award from the PE teacher for good effort and good behavior. He was very proud of himself. Many kids got various levels of awards, but he was on the top tier with just a handful of other kids.

Hot Rod turned himself into a cowboy and Boo transformed into a leperchaun as adornments for the walls. I know there is a joke in there somewhere, but I can't think of it. I hope you can see their faces, I didn't lighten the pictures much. Sorry.

Hot Rod shows the page he contributed to the book on Turkeys his class made. He was very cute. He wanted to get all dressed up, so I was pressing his shirt last night before we left. His page says Turkeys lay eggs. I'm not sure what the pictures are supposed to be. I may ask him this morning.

His artwork is hilarious. He has a drawing of his dad - who ALWAYS wears a purple Vikings shirt or sweatshirt to soccer practice so the boys can spot him more easily on the crowded soccer fields. This picture - we're guessing - is his dad in his purple shirt on the soccer fields. You can tell that my eldest is my gifted artist and not the little brother. ;) But, we love the effort.

And, of course, a picture of my three beautiful children.

Return to flight


Hooray! It has been too long since we've put a crew into space.

NASA has scheduled briefings and demonstrations at NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC) April 4-7. The events will preview operations to return the Space Shuttle to flight and conduct the next International Space Station crew exchange. Activities include news media briefings about safety enhancements and improvements for the first Space Shuttle flight since the Columbia accident; an in-flight Space Station crew news conference; a preview of the next Station crew launch and landing; and opportunities to watch the next Shuttle crew train and describe its mission, designated STS-114. The Space Shuttle Discovery launch window is May 15 to June 3. The seven astronauts of STS-114 are Commander Eileen Collins; Pilot Jim Kelly; Mission Specialists Soichi Noguchi of Japan, Steve Robinson, Andy Thomas, Wendy Lawrence and Charlie Camarda.
For information about NASA’s Return to Flight mission, visit:

My best friend from childhood is going to take her family to the launch of this shuttle. She'll have the VIP seats, too. Wanna know why? Her husband has played a role in some pieces of the space shuttle. Astronauts fly in locally to come work with him on whatever role it is that his company is playing in the shuttle. She has pictures of the kids with the astronauts on the wall of her home. They are all so excited and I'm very jealous. What a great opportunity for them.

So non-traditional

Thursday, I had a couple of tours to do at the airport. One of them included a group of students from a college in Fort Worth. Our Assistant Director of Communications comes to me and says:
Ok, we have a group of college students to tour today. What age comes to mind when you think of college students from TCC?
My response:
Well, 18-22. But, if they're from TCC where a large portion of the student population is non-traditional students, so they could be any age.
These students are SOOOOOOO non-traditional that we're in trouble.

She didn't realize they were from the senior education program at TCC. What makes this REALLY bad is that we joke that our tour of the new terminal is the "cardiovascular tour" because we walk around a mile or so in what feels like an obstacle course because you're dodging all the active construction. We also walk about 10 to 12 flights of stairs or more depending upon which route we take through the site. Now, all those stairs aren't at the same time, but each climb is about two to three stories.

I got out my safety vest and my pink hardhat and got ready to help her out. We got a 15-passenger van and a bus to transport our passengers. One poor old gal couldn't step up into that van. I could use a stepstool myself because I'm short. Me driving this van is sort of scary, I think.

We get there and ADC is talking in a very polite voice and I couldn't hear her, so I suspected that the old folks couldn't hear her either. So, I step up. If you don't know me. I'm loud. I'm very loud. So, I project my voice even louder and announce to the group that we're going to split up. Half with me. I heard one old guy say "She's the loud one, I'm going with her so I can hear." So, I have the hard-of-hearing group in a construction zone. Great.

As we're walking from the ticketing hall to the parking garage, I move everyone into the foyer so they can hear away from the construction noises when one of my old ladies trips and falls. OHMIGOD. I still feel so bad for her. This is why everyone must sign a waiver of liability before they come to the site, but I felt really bad for her. She said she was ok, but I bet she's purple today.

I called ADC to tell her what happened and she cackles as she tells me that in all of the 100s of tours she's done, no one has ever fallen. Great. Leave it to me to be the first. This sort of thing happens to me. The first time I was a eucharistic minister at mass, some girl spills the blood of Christ (the wine). I thought lightning was going to strike me right there. What the crap do I do? So, I put my napkin over the spot and go find the ministry coordinator. Evidently he had to do some rite when it was cleaned up. You don't just spray carpet cleaner on the blood of Christ. I have a knack for random things happening to me.


Confronted with mortality

Funny what we don't know about people. While at the Mommy and Me swim lessons last night with Stinkerbelle (I put cotton in her ears and kept her head out of the water - I know, I know, but I hated for her to have to sit and watch her big brother swim while she couldn't) I was visiting with another mom (KL) there. We were talking and she mentioned that she is having to go to a funeral today and has to take her almost 1-year-old son with her because she has nowhere to leave him.

You see, she really has no family here. Her in-laws live in a little town about an hour away (maybe less, I'm not sure where the small town in in relation to ours). She has a brother in Plano. Her parents and sister live in West Texas.

The funeral is for a friend whose 42-year-old husband dropped dead Monday of a heart attack. No health problems that they knew of. He had gone to work, ate dinner and was taking a walk after dinner when he died. He left behind his wife, an 18-year-old child and a 12-year-old child. KL was fighting back tears as she told me. She needed to be there for her friend and support her. You see, she has been through it. She's only 39, but she is already a widow. Her husband was killed by a drunken driver when she was 5-months-pregnant. So, her baby has never seen his dad.

The tales of these two families hit me like a ton of bricks and made me feel like even more of an ass after I sent the nasty email to Army of Dad. Here I am being bratty and these women would probably give everything they own to have their husbands back in their lives. I felt so petty. It made me think about what I would do without AoD in my own life and it made me very, very sad.

AoD and I talked about it last night and it turned into a very practical conversation. We started talking about life insurance. I have a good amount on him, but we don't have near as much on me. So, we talked about increasing that.

KL told me that she tells her son every day how God needed his daddy more in heaven than here on earth. I think we all have to find our comfort where we can, but I hope this doesn't make the boy angry at God as he grows up and misses his dad. KL said she invested the life insurance, so she can stay home with the baby. I think that is great. Just made me feel so badly for them. And, made me grateful for the blessings I have.


Are you a metrosexual?

Take the test to see if you are a metrosexual.

Army of Dad's results:

I am 19% Metrosexual.
Metro-What? Git Off My Lawn!
I need some advice. I need to STOP BUYING MY CLOTHS AT WAL-MART!!!! I will never land a decent woman unless I shave this nasty facial hair, and spend more then $5 on a haircut.

I can buy into this quiz response, too. The only reason he wasn't zero percent is probably because he knows what creme brulee is and the question 'do you think you're hot and do others think you're hot' - just a guess that he said yes to both of those!

National anthem

On the drive home yesterday, I was listening to KRLD talk/news radio so I'd know how to navigate rush hour traffic and the gal on there auditioned to sing the national anthem at Lone Star Park this year. They played a snippet of her singing and tears started to swell up in my eyes. It never fails that I cry when I hear that song. My parents taught me to respect the flag, appreciate our freedom and strive to be the best American I can be. We work to instill that love for God, country and freedom into our own children and I think Hot Rod is a shining example of it. He knows flag etiquette and will point out when people are doing it wrong. Our boys know to remove their hats, stand and sing the national anthem. I appreciate all those who sacrificed so I could be free and express my opinions as I want to. Sacrifice doesn't have to mean laying down your life. It can mean putting your own wants and desires on hold. It can mean spending an entire weekend out in the field when you'd rather be cuddled up with your honey sleeping late on Saturday morning. It can mean spending several weeks at NTC training for that "just in case" scenario that has now happened.

Army of Dad and I took Hot Rod to Fort Hood for Memorial Day last year. It was such a great trip. Just time for him with mom and dad.

We also saw this great artwork that was in the news quite a bit. It is a tribute to Fourth Infantry Division (in which AoD served). It is even more touching to see in person. I highly recommend the road trip to Killeen if you're ever able. The link here tells the story behind the statue.