Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


When Its Over

My dear husband has never understood why I get so scared of losing him. We've been together for 13 years, married for 12 of them. My world revolves around him. Yes, we each have our interests and our own friends, but he is the center of my universe.

And, for years, I've struggled with insecurities. He has done nothing to ever give me reason to feel this way - but I just know what a catch I have in him. And, I know how other women are.

I've seen it over the years when women weasel their way into another relationship. And, no, those men aren't innocent bystanders. But, it is scary to watch couples (that I think have it all together) fall apart.

I heard news of another one of those couples today. 25 years of marriage, a few kids and all that goes with the for better/for worse scenario. And, they're calling it quits. I know them as casual friends, but not good enough to ask questions and I'm not in that inner circle. I sent each of them a message on Facebook offering my friendship as they go through this and learned that XYZ will be a great "stepmom" to the kids. So, *snap* just like that, he has replaced this woman who has stood by his side all these years.

I'm assuming the new gal will be an "upgrade" to the younger, more attractive version. (this may be unfair of me to assume, but it is what I see everywhere I look). At baseball, I see these coaches who have the new thin attractive wives. I meet their ex-wives and I can see why they'd trade them in. But, then I wonder, were the overweight and bitter before or is that a by-product of being cast aside after going through all that they did?

Regardless ... needless to say, it gives me pause and always makes me fret and worry. When you give a man the best years of your life and your cast aside ... that is hard to take. Its hard to watch, too.

Poor Army of Dad. Now, he's got the task of reassuring me that he's happy with my big ass and nagging. And, now I have to pull back the reins and not be paranoid of being next. It breaks my heart.


Our scientist

Hot Rod won the "Outstanding Interview with Judges" plaque for fifth-graders at the district-wide Science Fair today. The first and second place winners from all the elementary schools competed. He was disappointed he didn't win something else/more, but I thought this was a remarkable achievement. There were many kiddos who went home today without any sort of award. Made me very proud of him. We also got his haircut yesterday, so I'm sort of glad he wasn't all shaggy for the awards, too. He called it his lucky haircut after his baseball team won last night.


Online Shopping

Last summer, I was fortunate enough to get a fabulous Reese Li diaper bag from CSN. I use this thing almost daily as my laptop bag and I get tons of compliments on it. So when CSN asked me if I'd like to review another product to promote it, I said ABSOLUTELY!

CSN has 200+ awesome websites and if you're shopping for cribs you've got some cool choices there.  Thankfully I'm past the baby stage. We've got two new doggies who are my babies now. What we've selected is a groovy coffee grinder. I got a gift of a bag of coffee beans and AoD has been dying to get a coffee grinder, so this is perfect. Other CSN sites include,, or All Children's Furniture.

And,  I'll definitely keep you posted on the coffee grinder once we get it. This should be cool.


Testing, Attention Please

Feel the tension soon as someone mentions me. Here's my 10 cents, my two cents is free.

Yes, I'm singing Eminem (aka Marshal Mathers aka Slim Shady).

I'm checking to see if this works and migrated ... one of my friends took over for me last night after I burst into tears at the prospect of having to move the entire blog. Long story, but Blogger instituted changes and the techno-idiot that I am was quite overwhelmed.

So, here is the cookie bouquet from the UNT basketball banquet last week. Very very cute, but according to my children, not very tasty. The oldest and youngest each had one bite. The middle kid, no idea. His food disappears at lunch every day whether he eats it or gives it to a friend (despite my protestations to bring back what he doesn't eat). *sigh*

Ok, lets see if this works.